Lots of suppliers are satisfied adding their logo to off the factory shelf products. By contrast, Alltrade has long recognized the role of product innovation to drive business, generate category excitement and enhance the lives of consumers at home, in the office, on the job and outdoors.

Today, Alltrade holds or licenses over 120 patents. We’re proud of that, but always striving to improve product design and functionality.  It’s one reason why we enjoy long-term licensing agreements with leading global brands and garner rave consumer reviews for innovation that works in the real world.

Powerbuilt Billy Club Universal Lug Wrench

Conventional lug wrenches come in two styles: L-handle and 4-way. L-handle lug wrenches are compact for easier storage, but slow to use. 4-way lug wrenches are great for spinning off loosened lug nuts quickly, but are a pain to store, especially in a small vehicle.

Alltrade answers the need with a universal lug wrench that offers the benefits of both kinds of lug wrench in a single compact unit – the Powerbuilt Billy Club™.

The Billy Club Universal Lug Wrench makes tire changes faster, easier and safer.  The patent-pending design works like an L-Type lug wrench to break loose stubborn lug nuts. Then, by sliding the socket drive head to the center, you can quickly spin off loosened lug nuts. Reverse the procedure to install a new tire, then get back on the road! 

Billy Club comes complete with two double-sided lug nut sockets to fit virtually every passenger vehicle on the road today. It also includes a socket extension to help reach lug nuts on deeper dished wheels.  And the sockets and extension store in the handles so everything is there when you need it.

  • Universal design fits SAE and metric lug nuts on virtually every passenger vehicle on the road today
  • Patented design features sliding socket drive head for speed or leverage when needed
  • Includes 2 double-ended universal sockets and a 3-inch extension bar
  • Sockets and extension fit inside handles for easy storage
  • Product # 642250

Allspace Wall Organization System

The wall organization market is dominated by an expensive brand sold only in The Container Store. Other brands offer utilitarian products that are suitable for garage and shop use only. They’re too industrial looking for interior spaces. 

Alltrade created the Allspace Wall Organization System to answer the need for attractive and economical wall organization solutions. Allspace offers strength, versatility and style for a fraction of the cost of the Container Store brand. Equally at home in a living room, office or garage, Allspace effortlessly adapts to fit every consumer lifestyle and budget.

Getting organized is a daunting task by itself. Shopping for wall organizer systems and home storage products shouldn’t be. That simple idea is what lead to Allspace Wall Organization Solutions. We offer starter sets of utility wall panels that include a useful selection of hooks, baskets and shelves. They all assemble in about an hour using basic hand tools and a power drill.

Once you’re up and running, you can purchase additional hooks, shelves, utility tracks and accessories. Even run of the mill metal pegboard hooks and accessories from your local hardware store will fit. How’s that for simple?

When it comes to wall organizers, not everyone needs an elaborate system that requires a life coach to customize. Some of us are on budgets. Getting organized is a noble pursuit. You’re a champion of clean up and we’re here for you! 

  • Flexible, versatile and easy to install wall organizing system
  • Attractive high quality steel construction
  • Available in pre-selected starter sets and individual components
  • Suitable for home, office, garage or shop

Powerbuilt Unijack All-in-One Jackstand/Bottle Jack

The majority of sedans, light SUVS and CUVs on the road today feature unibody construction. All Unibody vehicles have factory-approved lifting points to prevent damage when jacking up the vehicle.  But with a conventional jack, it’s challenging to properly lift and hold a unibody vehicle, because once the vehicle is raised with a jack, there’s no space left to add a jackstand.

The Powerbuilt Unijack solves this problem with an ingenious design that both safely lifts and securely holds a Unibody vehicle using a single lift point.  

The Unijack offers both concave and flat lifting surfaces to accommodate a wide variety of lift points. What’s more, Unijack eliminates the cost and hassle of a floor jack, it’s easier to lift, move and store and costs a lot less too.

  • Patented design both lifts and holds by combining a bottle jack with a jack stand in one unit
  • Safe for lifting Unibody and body-on-frame vehicles 
  • Wide flat base adds stability and reduces “sinking” on softer surfaces 
  • Stylish and affordable Powerbuilt products meet or exceed ASME and PALD standards
  • Available in 2 Ton and 3 Ton models
  • Products # 620470 (2 Ton), #620471 (3 Ton)

Vaughan Rage Demolition Multi-Tool

The demolition multi-tool market is dominated by global brands that don’t offer consumers enough options at lower price points.

Partnering with premiere striking tool company Vaughan Manufacturing, Alltrade introduced the Rage™, a heavy duty demolition multi-tool that offers more features and comfort than the leading brand at a great value.

Tear it up. Tear it out.

Tile, wood, drywall, glass, plaster, nails…the Vaughan Rage™ 15″ demolition tool quickly dispatches whatever stands between you and a finished job.

And you’ll get the job done faster and easier, since The Rage replaces a hammer, pry bar and nail puller in one brutally effective tool.  

Pick it up and feel the balance and heft. It weighs just 2.5 pounds, with strategic weight placement for maximum momentum with minimum effort. 

The I-beam frame is forged from high carbon steel for maximum stiffness and force transfer. The finished tool is heat-treated then powder coated and polished for lasting good looks.

The double-injection handle features a patented asymmetrical shape for maximum comfort and control. So you can put the hurt on everything but you.

  • Replaces multiple individual demolition tools with multi-function design 
  • Chisel or punch big holes in drywall, tile, plaster and lath with the cross-hatched hammer 
  • Grab, bend and tear out 2x lumber with the wood grabber jaws
  • Pry up boards, nail strips, moulding and more with the built-in pry bar
  • Extract nails with the closed and beveled nail pullers 
  • Start nails easier with a magnetic nail holder

Powerbuilt Triple Lift Floor Jack

1 in 8 US households own either a car or truck and a motorcycle and/or ATV. These owners must purchase and store at least two different types of floor jacks to service their vehicles. This presents a financial and storage challenge.

The Powerbuilt® Triple Lift jack slashes the expense and hassle of purchasing, maintaining and storing multiple jacks and jackstands. It’s the one jack that easily lifts almost anything with wheels, and works on vehicle transmissions and differentials too.

The secret to the Triple Lift is the patented design that features both a removable lift saddle and padded lift rails. This flexible design allows the Triple Lift to adapt to multiple types of vehicle frames.

A locking safety bar holds the jack in place once the vehicle is raised, which eliminates the hassle of supporting a lifted vehicle with jack stands. Built-in tie-down loops make it easy to secure motorcycles in place for added stability.

  • Innovative 2 Ton Triple Lift jack lifts cars, trucks, motorcycles or ATVs 
  • Lifting range from 5-1/4 in. to 17-3/4 in.
  • Strong ultra-wide chassis for extra stability
  • Precision locking design keeps jack from lowering once it has been raised 

Powerglow LED Shoplight

Conventional shop lights are heavy, unattractive, use fragile and fluorescent bulbs and create shadows and dark spots at either end of the fixture.

The Powerglow LED shop light replaces inefficient fragile and environmentally unfriendly fluorescent bulbs with bright, high efficiency LED bulbs. They last hundreds of time longer than fluorescents and cost far lees to operate as well. No heavy and expensive ballast units are required either. What’s more, they’re attractive, low profile and easy to install and daisy-chain together. The Alltrade touch includes lighted end caps that eliminate the shadows and dark spots that other conventional and LED shop lights produce. 

You’ll love this stylish and bright overhead shop, garage and task light. It’s so easy to install, you’ll be lighting up your task space in no time at all. It’s efficient too, using just 65 watts to generate 4500 lumens of bright, natural light at 5000 Kelvin. That’s the equivalent light output of ten 45 watt bulbs! You’ll save time, money on your electric bill and your eyesight!

 This utility shop light offers something extra – lighted endcaps that eliminate the shadows you’d have with typical overhead lights.

 For hassle-free installation all the mounting hardware you need is included. Have a bigger area to light? Connect up to 10 of these lights by plugging one into the other. Then just pull the chain and enjoy instant-on, flicker-free lighting.

  • Converts 65 watts of power into 4500 lumens of efficient, bright and natural light at 5000 Kelvin
  • Exclusive lighted end panels eliminate shadows at light ends
  • Easy plug and play install of up to 10 lights together
  • Choose flush mount or hanging install of this attractive low profile shop light
  • Lightweight, durable commercial-grade construction for years of dependable service

Kilimanjaro Magnus Multi-Tool

Conventional multi-tools are versatile and handy –to a point. All are small to medium in size, which limits the size of the tools they include. This is fine for backpackers and other users willing to compromise tool weight for functionality.

If every other multi-tool is small, there’s an opportunity to fill a need on the other, bigger end of the spectrum. Enter the Magnus, the world’s LARGEST multi-tool. The Magnus is the only multi-tool to offer a full size knife blade and pliers along with other useful tools.

The Magnus is unlike any multi-tool you’ve ever seen or owned.  It’s BIG, and while a traditional multi-tool makes sacrifices to accommodate its various functions, the Magnus makes no such excuses. It features a 4” blade that has the strength and mettle to perform like a real knife. The semi-serrated blade cuts through wood, hose, rope, cord and more. 

The full-size pliers head is up to the most demanding tasks, gripping, holding and twisting without warping. 

Combined with 8 more everyday tools, including the all-important bottle opener, there is no other tool like the Kilimanjaro Magnus. 

  • Long nose pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Stripper
  • Large knife
  • Bottle opener
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Saw blade
  • Single cut file
  • Nylon storage pouch


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