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Cable Extraction on Mechanix 2000lb 12 volt winch

I have a Mechanix 12 Volt electric winch. should the cable be able to pull out by hand in order to hook onto a load? I can only extract cable by uncranking and pulling by hand as I go (only about 2ft. at a time), very time consuming! My question is also baised upon the fact that the unit has not been used in a couple of years. does the take-up reel have to be lubercated to make the hand pulling eacier without having to crank at the same time? what is the recommended easiest way to extract the cable?

Hello, sounds like you're not loosening the clutch knob....If you rotate the knob   

counter clockwise it should loosen and allow you to pull the cable out.

As for the lubrication question if the winch was left out doors it probably has some rust. You should pull the cable out and carefully inspect it looking for nicks, cuts, binding and rust. If everything looks good then apply a light coating of oil. I would operate the winch a few times making sure the operation is smooth. I would not put it under load until you're confident that the years of sitting did not damage it.

Since I don't remember the cable length, make sure that when placing the unit under load that there are at least 3 loops of cable left on the drum before starting the draw.  This is a safety rule on winches.

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