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Kawasaki 19.2v circular saw with laser no. 3700/min


I just recently purchase this saw and the batteries will not charge, The batteries, when plugged in the charger, the charger will light up with green light and when pressing the reset button will cause the green light to go out. The batteries show 19v when checking with volt meter, but will not run the saw as if they are dead. The saw blade will try to rotate. What is wrong? I've checked with the recall and put in the numbers and it says that they have been registered. The serial no's are 6040000424 and 6040004072. Have these batteries been replaced? I would appreciate any help so that I may get hold of the place where I purchased this saw and batteries to try and get a refund Thank you.


Please call customer service 1-800-423-3598 so they can provide you with a solution to the problem.

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