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Tape Measure Belt Clip


What is the use for the split in the belt clip and how is it used? It has all of in my family stumped so please end our misery and our nights of lost sleep lol.


The belt clip was designed to be used in several areas such as:  Clip onto the belt
(of course), clip onto the pants pocket, onto a roofing square, onto the soldiers cartridge belt, onto the rim of a carpenters bucket, clip onto the hand saw as a means of carrying the saw with the teeth pointing up. The diamond shaped mark at the 19.2 in. area was for measuring spacing for engineered lumber.  Engineered lumber is widely used today to reduce construction costs and this lumber is generally in the form of "I" beam, constructed by placing either 1" or 3/4" OSB (Oriented Strand Board) between either 2 x 4's or 2 x 6's to gain greater structural integrity.  Due to the greater spacing, less material can be used reducing labor and constructions costs.

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