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Can I leave the 19.2v battery in the charger for an extended period of time?


Carl--I just purchased a Kawasaki 19.2v cordless drill with charger and extra battery. model 690075--battery-691034 and charger-690507. The question---can I leave the battery in the charger for an extended period? I have other cordless drills and some of them say to NOT leave the battery in the charger after it is charged. A replacement battery costs more than a new drill , two batteries and a charger all together. I also have a few cordless drills that allow the battery to remain in the charger until ready for use.
Thanks for the help.


Hello Conrad,
The battery should always be removed when fully charged regardless of brand because when a charger is plugged into the outlet, there is always voltage applied. Since AC is alternating which produces DC in the circuit, you have a heat buildup in the transformer (charger)and this heat can, on occasion, cause the transformer to catch fire. Now, this rarely happens but insurance comes into play here and they can void any coverage. Therefore, we recommend removal after charging.

Thanks for asking


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