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480768 compressor oil leaking


We have a 480768 compressor. It is about 10 years old and has had minimum use with the last time this summer. We store it in the garage and I notice a large puddle of clear oil that has dripped down ... I don't know exactly what is wrong and what I should do to fix/repair it. I am moderately handy. thanks


This was answered via my email but I had some difficulty emailing you and asked for a reply to let me know you received my response.  I assume you did not as I have not received your reply.  That email had the following information.

Vibration during use of the dompressor can cause some of the bolts holding the crankcase assembly to loosen.  You need to identify the source of the leak and tighten the corresponding bolts.  Also examine the crankcase to make sure there are no cracks.  Then replace the lost oil if necessary; we recommend using 30 wt synthetic oil as it flows freely atg all temperatures.  You should consult your manual to identify the correct parts.  If you do not have a manual let me know.

Again please let me know if you receive this email.

Thanks for asking,



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