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Snbap On Ratchet straps


I purchased a 4 pack fro Sam's Club in Huntsville. They have been a piece of junk. I received a letter 5/2/16 telling me that you issued a recall. I contacted the number and was told if I left a message my call would be returned in the order it was received. I have yet to hear back from anyone. Either there are a lot of people that are as I am, very unhappy, or either you don't do what you said. I feel 36 hours is long enough to wait for a call to be returned in the order it was received. Will someone please contact me on my cell at 256-338-6282 by call or text.


Please call customer service at 1-800-423-3598 regarding recall information.  I am at a remote location and do not have access to that data.  I hope that you receive this reply as I tried sending this information via my email to the address you supplied (rwillaims@firetruckmail.com) which did not go through.  I also tried rwilliams@firetruckmail.com but that didn't work either.  Please let me know if you received this reply.





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