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870905 On - off - on - off - on - off


First time out of the box, the unit worked perfectly. I ran out of time to finish the job, so I had to leave the unit sit over night. The next day, I turned on the water, I turned the unit on, and pulled the trigger; the unit started and shut off before it gained full pressure. It did this repeatedly. Frustrated, I turned everything off and read the troubleshooting section of the manual but couldn't find any similar conditions. Thinking maybe its a problem with the safety, or the wand in general, I flipped the safety and couldn't squeeze the trigger - the safety works. I turned the unit on, the same thing happened until it ran out of water; oh, I forgot to turn on the water - lol. So I turn on the water, and the unit worked perfectly! Is there a problem with this unit (I can still return it to the store) or am I doing something wrong?


This was answered via my email.  Glad I was able to help.

Thanks for asking,



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