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Problems with a 4 piece Kawasaki 19.2 Volt tool kit?


Hi Carl, This question is two-fold. About a year ago I purchased a 4 piece Kawasaki 19.2 Volt tool kit. I was removing some wood screws from an old project, and the drill suddenly started smoking and lost power. What did I do?
The other question- In the same kit was a 19.2V sawzall. I have never used it, but when I started to, it looks like it was put together backwards, the allen set screw to install blade is on the side opposite the slot in the housing so there is no way to get to it. Can I take it apart and flip it over or something???
Rick Natzel


Hello Rick,
On your question # 1, I'm sure you did nothing that caused the problem as once in a while, that can happen for no earthly reason. It is covered by warranty and should be returned for replacement. Regarding question # 2, I'll need the model number of that unit so I can research it before you
disassemble it.

Thanks for asking,


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