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BRAND NEW air compressor is missing an oil plug. I'm unable to use the product
Attn: Customer Service/Warranty I received the 20 gal, 2 hp Snap-On (All Trade) air compressor for Christmas. It was new; however, when I opened the box it didn't have an oil plug with it. I thought it would be much easier just to call and request a plug than have to take it back to Costco. We live an hour away. I've made two separate calls to All Trade and have been told that a new oil plug would be mailed to me. I have not received anything and am still waiting. Would someone please let me know what the status of my request is? If I don't hear back from someone I'm going to have to take it back to the retailer and look for something different. Please ensure the drain plug is sent to the following address: P.O. Box 245 Vulcan, Alberta, Canada T0L 2B0 Attn: Dustin Gass My last call to All Trade was several weeks ago so I should have an order number in the system. I would greatly appreciate an email or call back. The compressor looks great, but I need an oil plug before I'm able to use it. Thank you, Dustin Gass Phone: 403-308-9313 or 403-485-2883

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