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How do the steel and aluminium floor jacks compare with each other?


I am in the market to buy a floor jack for my vehicles and boat to do the work myself. My question is: how does the steel and aluminum compare with each other, as to benefits and drawbacks? Also, what would be the right way of figuring what tonnage of a jack you need for the vehicle you are lifting? Do you look at the gross weight of the vehicle or 1/2, 1/3, and so on? Thanks!


Hello Carl,
Both steel and Aluminum are great jacks and operate equally well but the Aluminum unit is lighter, easier to use, and doesn't wear as readily as the steel unit. For the home mechanic, the Aluminum unit is by far the best choice, for not only ease of operation, but cost effectiveness as well. On top of that, who in their right mind would ever allow their Aluminum unit to get dirty and lose that bragging ability of owning a jack just like they use in NASCAR. Wow! Look for a unit with at least a one (1) ton capacity. Jacks are designed to basically lift only one wheel at a time, but let’s face it, why not place it under the rear end since it has the capacity to do so. The best safety advice is to lift one wheel at a time and immediately use a jack stand to support the weight. In doing so, you can lift the entire car and use jack stands to change brakes, etc.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for asking,


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