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My Powerbuilt 2 ton engine crane stopped lifting weight?


I have a Powerbuilt 2 ton engine crane model #647604 that has been used only a couple of times and was recently in storage for a while. The problem I'm having is that it doesn't lift any weight, it doesn't even lift my weight at 160 lbs. Pumping the handle reaches maximum height, I've tried purging the air 3-4 times, and the jack has no evidence of leaks. What do you suggest I try next?


Hello Fernando,
Sounds like your unit may have a fluid loss causing the inoperative condition. The jack oil fill hole is located on the side of the round cylinder and looks like a dome shaped rubber plug. Remove that plug with a pair of pliers to check for fluid level which should be even with the bottom of the fill hole. Use only jack oil if necessary to refill the unit. In the event there is no fluid loss, there may be contaminates holding one of the check valves open allowing fluid to bypass into the fluid reservoir. Look to check if there may be signs of fluid loss at the bottom of your unit. I think this should cover your needs.

Thanks for asking,


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