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no air
My motor is running and there is air in the tank but it's not building any air pressure and there is no air coming out of the hose. Could it be a bad air regulator or pressure switch?

Hello Todd,

The problem could be confined to one of 2 areas.  One, the copper pipe running from the pressure regulator to the tank where it enters brass valve that has a spring-loaded orifice inside could be clogged.  Remove that valve and check for any obstructions holding that valve open so the air does not enter the tank.  Once cleared, replace in reverse order.  Two, if the above does not work remove the head of the compressor and check the reed valve underneath.  The reed valve could be damaged causing air to bypass the tank.  One of these 2 areas should be the cause of your problem.  In the event that the reed valve is damaged or cleaning out the brass valve does not correct the problem, please call customer service at 1-800-423-3598 and give them the model number of your compressor so they can provide further instructions or information about a replacement for the reed valve.  I am at a satellite location and do not have direct access to parts information.

Thanks for asking,

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