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AllTrade Air Tools PDF
I own the AllTrade 6 piece air tool kit, purchased in the 1983-84 era. Model #1802-a-133, air ratchet wrench etc. Is there a PDF for the tools for this item or can you give specific information such as; required psi and required cfm? Thank YOu


Hello Dennis,

These early on units only contained a one page manual for each air tool, and no pdf is available as they preceded pdf format. 

All of the units in this set require 90 psi, and all of the units, other than the 1802-A-133 air ratchet wrench, require a compressor producing at least 4-6 cfm output.  The air ratchet wrench only requires about 2 cfm as it develops roughly 45 ft/lbs of torque.  The 1806-A-141 impact wrench produces from 200-230 ft/lbs of torque. 

At this point the units have undoubtedly had thickening of internal lubrication that will make it difficult to be used.  In the event that these units fail to operate, several shots of WD40 pay render them operable.  In many cases a rap on the side of the housing with a rubber mallet can get them started again.  Thereafter, use Marvel Mystery Oil, which can be purchased at any auto parts store, to provide proper internal lubrication.  As air is provided to the tool, the Marvel Mystery Oil atomizes, properly coating the interior, while eliminating condensation that might be trapped inside. 

Your biggest problem with these air tools is related to hot air being supplied to a cold tool, creating the aforementioned condensation and producing internal rust.  Under normal situations place 4-5 drops of the oil into the air inlet prior to each use.  In the event a unit is packed away for a period of time, it should also have the oil applied and run the unit for a few seconds so rust does not form during storage.  Hope this answers your questions.

Thanks for asking,



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