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Digital Torque Adapter


Hi Carl, Another question on the DTA. I have the 1/2" drive model (940759) The stated range of the tool is 29.5-147.6 lb-ft (40-200 N-m). Any thoughts about accuracy outside of this range? The reason that I'm asking is I'd like to check my inch-pound torque wrench with it, but like most in-lb wrenches, the wrench's range is well below the lowest value of the Digital Torque Adapter's range, which is 354-1770 in-lb (29.5x12 and 147.6x12). What's interesting with the DTA is that it will output values starting at 44 in-lbs and in PtoP mode, matches values very close to my torque wrench throughout its range of 50-250 in-lb. Cheers, -bob PS: On question #6 in the Specialty Auto Tools Knowledge Base, your answer of converting ft-lb to in-lb is reversed: Need to multiply by 12 to convert.
After repeated testing over a lifetime, the accuracy is less thaan 2 percent after 10,000 uses.

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