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My fairly new Air Hammer won't work. Does it need to be cleaned or oiled?


I have a model 691042 Air Hammer.
I didn't use it for some months after I bought it and now that I need it, it won't run. I suspect it needs to be cleaned and oiled. I've put oil in it through the air intake but it still won't run. I'd like to open it up and free the moving parts up but I can't undo the cylinder as shown in the manual. It looks like it should just unscrew but I've tried to no avail. Is there something else that has to be done before I unscrew it or is it possibly a left-hand thread? I'm concerned that I may break it if I apply too much force.


Hello Kirt,
Your air hammer needs a few blows from a rubber mallet to get it started again. Rap it on the aluminum portion just above the black barrel portion. Do not disassemble the unit because it's very hard to take apart and is really not necessary. The internal moving part is a plastic mechanism with a disc internally that vibrates. It's a very simple air tool.

Thanks for asking,


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