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Lithium ion vs Nickel Cadmium

Hello, I had a lithium drill which cut out under moderate load. I now use nickel cadmium as it keeps going. Have you experienced this with lithium batteries? It seems like a weak point for lithiums even though they are highly rated. What is your opinion on these two types of power? Thank you, Wayne S\

Hello Wayne-Please don't give up on Lithium. While some Lithium batteries have had problems, generally they are better and hold up longer than the Ni-Cads. Ni-Cads are quite reliable but are less expensive to produce and most of the units on the market today have varying levels of capacity mainly determined by the selling price.  Lithium will outlast the others and someday, when the cost comes down and technology improves, will replace most Ni-Cads. When buying cordless power tools, always opt for the tool with the highest capacity battery (measured in milliamp hours) and you can't go wrong.  You get what you pay for.




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