Just a short note to thank you in advance. I am the owner of a 5 inch bench mount Alltrade vise. I have had it for several years without no problems, however the clamp screw drive became stripped and I attempted to purchase a repair item from your parts department. When I requested to purchase the repair item I was advised parts were no longer available for that item and was asked to return the mounting ring and along with the ALLTRADE logo and a new vise would be sent to replace it. I was amazed of the quality of service I was given from ALLTRADE and its customer service. Unfortunately I did not get the service persons name (A short coming on my part). But I do want to thank both ALLTRADE and it's employees for outstanding service. I look forward to a continued working relationship with your company.
Thank You Again, Sincerely
A. C. Engesser, President A. C. E. Enterprises of Colorado
Dear Sir / Madame:

I just want to let you know how impressed I have been with your customer service.

Some time ago I purchased a Kawasaki cordless drill and charger. I used this product for nearly a year, but one day, while I was working in my garage and charging the battery, the charger suddenly burst into flame! I e-mailed Alltrade quite a few months ago, but my e-mail apparently got inadvertenty buried in the pile! When Stephan Hollstein discovered this oversight, he immediately e-mailed me and apologized profusely.

I was originally just trying to determine price and availability of a replacement charger, but Stephan asked that I not use the equipment, for safety reasons. He asked if I recalled where I purchased it and what I payed. Unfortunately, though I know my wife has the receipt in her meticulous records somewhere, I could not locate the information. I suggested to Stephan that he do whatever he deemed fair, taking into account that I did get some use out of the equipment. I just received a check today for a sum that I find more than fair. You may be certain that I will spend it on an Alltrades branded replacement.

Again, thanks very much for your excellent service.

Best Regards,
Bill Carnes
To Whom It May Concern,

We recently placed an order on 6/17, for Powerbuilt RV leveling scissor jacks. Reference PO# #996680. I place our order online. As it appeared online, we were to receive "2" scissor jacks, 4 stabilizing base pads, and a crank for $39.99.

We received our shipment, but there was only "1" jack and 4 base pads. I called and spoke to Teresa Roberts who was quite helpful. She explained to me that we were only to receive "1" jack for $39.99 and the online ad would be changed so future customers would not think they were getting 2 jacks. She also said that we should have gotten a crank with our order and since I was concerned about receiving it in time for our trip she would put a rush shipment on it. Teresa did everything possible to the best of her ability to make sure we received the jack in time.

On July 2nd...the day prior to leaving for our trip to Oregon, I realized that we had not yet received our jack. I called Teresa again that morning and left a message. I also emailed your company and explained my situation because I was worried that maybe Teresa wasn't in and I would not get the crank in time.

Sometime that afternoon I received a call from Stephan. He apologized for the delay and explained that it was an oversite with your shipping department. I then asked him if I could come pick it up at will call because I live in Torrance, Stephan said he didn't want us to start off on our trip with complications and offered to bring the crank to our home himself after work. He also said we would receive a full refund because of our problem.

I was so surprised to think that in this day and age of NO customer service, your employee felt personally responsible and went to such great lengths to ensure our trip to Oregon would start off without a hitch. He not only showed up at our home after work....he went further than that and helped my husband try to get our tire off of our truck so we could check our brakes! This type of customer service just doesn't happen everyday!!!!!!

I worked in customer service for 12 years myself over 20 years ago and I have to say I also went out of my way to get the customer the best service possible. I know what it takes to make customers happy. In this day and age, you don't find this type of customer service any longer. I would like to make sure that his dedication, not only to me, but your company, does not go unnoticed. He should be recognised for his outstanding customer service. I only wish every company would care so much about their customers to go out of their way to make sure they are happy.

I would like to request that a copy of my letter go into his personal file for is benefit. Thank you.

Brenda and Bryan Sampson
To all it may concern.
I received my replacement impact drill on friday feburary 15 charged it and was so happy to see it work. Sincere thanks to your company and employees who took immediate action with my complaint. I will highly recommend your company and the fine tools you sell. Also i will be purchasing more items from your firm. Please send me e mails on any new power tools you have.

Once again your company rocks!

Thank You!
I just want to say thank you for sending the parts I needed to fix my Alltrade compressor. It was an older model and I suspected that I would not be able to get the parts I needed.

I will definitely keep you in mind when I need new tools and I will recommend your products to other

Dale E. Presler
Good Morning Andy,
I received the tool last night. I want you to be aware that your action in this matter has far exceeded my expectation and I am more than pleased with it.

It is far and few between experiences to receive such exemplary service. I thank you with all sincerity and wish you all the best in life.


Dear All Trade,

Just a quick thank you to you guys for the new knife. I sent in my old broken one and you hooked me up really fast!

Thanks again!

Michael Bunker
Dear Andy Somerville

Thank you very much for your immediate, outstanding, superb, professional performance handling my return. It is exemplary to you, your ethics and good character in highlighting your professional customer care is an A-Plus asset to your company. I will continue to shop, All Trade Tools, first and foremost.

Thank you again and God Bless.

Jim Shaw
I just want to thank you for the part (pressure relief valve) you sent me in the mail the other day...and at NO COST TO ME....

My compressorstarted to leak at that valve and I went all over town - auto supply stores, plumbing shops, special tool shops, and even the auto supply store where I bought the unit and they were the most help...all other places, even though they sold other brands of compressors with the same looking valve wanted to sell me the entire relief switch and not just the valve for over $50 or an entire new compressor unit.

After calling your company on the telephone and tellling him what had happened to my compressor he said what's your address we will send you a new one....I couldn't belief it would be that easy....I don't even have the sales receipt...

Your company treats the little person (me) like other companies only treat big companies (accounts) or maybe there reletives......I just put this company into my favorite list in my computer....Whenever I need new tools - power or hand, I am going to check you out FIRST....In fact when I am cone here I am going back and see it you have any catalogs or lists of other tools you sell.....Christmas is coming up...

Thanks Again YOU ARE GREAT

Richard Larson


I received the replacements for the two broken EasyOuts from my 6-piece set.
Thanks, your timely response to my request is sincerely appreciated.

R. Osborne

Oceanside, CA

UBD man.
Thanks Andy...
The new one arrived and all is well.

I'm spreading good PR for you on the news groups. Cheers


I am sending this e-mail in hopes your people working customer service can receive a pat on the back along with Alltrade and Kawasaki for their evident policy of taking care of the customer. I am a relic and find it hard to find satisfaction for the amount of money I spend in this day and age. I bought two of the Kawasaki drill drivers - 19.6 - about one year or so ago. I had problems with both of them with the batteries, the exchange and then the drive in the driver. I phoned and spoke with at least three of your workers in dealing with my problem. They were each, above all - polite - and very helpful. As it turned out you have returned my money for these products. First of all, that is wonderful. I find it hard to find anyone anymore that stands behind their product, without threat of suing or at least a very unpleasant phone call.

I have gone back to Costco and purchased another Kawasaki driver - now, 21.6 volt. There is no better feeling than to have the right tool when you most need it. I will probably buy another after I find that this one is fine. I just want to thank you once again and hope the word gets out to your people that there are people out here that REALLY appreciate the way your business is run and the people you have hired. I will speak well of Alltrade in my dealings with friends and family. THANKS

I just wanted to say thank you for the fast service on replacing my kawasaki battery charger. I thought it would have taken longer to recive it , but it took less than a week. thanks again.

Jason Thomas
madison , mississippi

Dear Mr. Caldwell,

I wanted to thank you for shipping my new drill/accessories express. I have received the package, and I am very thrilled to have my drill again.

I must give you all the credit for resolving this matter in such a highly professional manner.

It is my pleasure to be doing business again with Alltrade Tools, and I look forward to doing so.

You are a true asset to your company,

God Bless and merry Christmas to you and the staff,

Willie Abdalla

I purchased and used this tool last weekend to bend brake lines on my car.

An excellent design. What a great tool! It's actually, a pleasure to use.

And, considering the low price, this must be one of the great automotive tool bargain. Well done!

François Comeau

I recently needed a 12 point 12mm socket while working on my truck. I went to a couple of places around town to find one & didn't find any at the normal places that I buy tools from, so I asked where I could find what I needed. I ws directed to a building supply company and found the socket I was looking for. It was a Powerbuilt tool which I had not heard about before, so I was skeptical about the strength & quality so I purchased 2 sockets the same size in case I broke one. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the socket not only did the job needed but did not break. I have a lot of sockets from the high end tool companys that have not stood up as well for more money. As I go through my tool chest now, looking to see what needs to be replaced, I will be replacing them with your tools if they are available in my area.

Thank You,
Ken Murray (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Hi Carl,

This was all taken care of without delay and with complete professionalism. I couldn't be happier with the amazing customer service. 3 Cheers to you and the terrific company you used to work for.

Thanks again,
Karl Kraft (La Quinta, CA)

Carl: Thank you so very much. It isn't often that I find folk like yourself, that go out of there way and responsibility to assist another. When the drill is completely operable and I give it to a Veteran to use, I will let the recipient know all the folk who participated in providing it to him.


Dear sir/madam,

Last Dec. 12, 2009, I sent email to your office regarding Powerbuilt Breaker Bar just for quality improvement. Your office responded right away asking the type, size and brand.

I would like to inform your good office that I received today 1- pc Powerbuilt Breaker Bar 3/8 Dr x 9-1/2 length. Your good service is highly appreciated.

Respectfully yours,
Pastor D. Sanchez, Jr.

M. Somerville,

I am really satisfied with Alltrade Tools service.

You just added a new customer!

Thanks and have happy holidays!,
Benoit Matte

Just got off the line with Ron, one of your support staff, and was extremely pleased with all of the help he was able to give me regarding my air impact wrench.

I feel enlightened.


Terry Smallwood

I received the tool last night. I want you to be aware that your action in this matter has far exceeded my expectation and I am more than pleased with it.

It is far and few between experiences to receive such exemplary service.

I thank you with all sincerity and wish you all the best in life.