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Search Results for "worksmith 38 piece hobby tool set #481251 How to use the cutting guide?"
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  1. parts for floor jackparts for floor jack [Article]
    ...tion: I need a cylinder/pump rebuilt kit for my floor jack that was purchased at Priceclub before they became Costco(if i remember right). The identification decal is damaged .It is a 3

  2. Kawasaki 19.2V ChargerKawasaki 19.2V Charger [Article]
    Question: I need the charger for the 19.2v Kawasaki slide on battery part number 840046. I need j... I need just the charger for that item. According to my battery the charger part number is 691557

  3. Owner's manualOwner's manual [Article]
    ...nation dial caliper & micrometer with a wood storage box. I need the manual for this please.. I ...

  4. model 835543 compressormodel 835543 compressor [Article]
    Question: motor runs....it's blowing air out thru the intake...melted the plastic air filter hous...

  5. Replacement battery pack/charger Kawasaki 961221Replacement battery pack/charger Kawasaki 961221 [Article]
    ...as a Kawasaki power tool set that uses t...

  6. kawasaki 12 volt tire drillkawasaki 12 volt tire drill [Article]
    ...stion: were can I find a dealer to fix my impact drill for tires ... my impact drill for tires to fix the wire. it has come away from t...way from the drill on the end. closet to the drill. thanks Shawn Mo...

  7. The skin of my rotary tool, has excessive tackiness?The skin of my rotary tool, has excessive tackiness? [Article]
    Question: Hi Carl the skin of my ALLTRADE Rotary Tool, has exces...ary Tool, has excessive tackiness to a point which I cannot use it ...

  8. Rebuild kit for 620479Rebuild kit for 620479 [Article]
    Question: Purchased this very cool jack and then experienced the same lleakdown issue that many o... lleakdown issue that many others are having. Customer service refunded entire purchase price and I...

  9. toolstools [Article]
    ...WARRANTY? THANK YOU Answer: Again thanks for the photos.

  10. Powebuilt 641429 kit# 91 strut spring compressorPowebuilt 641429 kit# 91 strut spring compressor [Article]
    ...: Need instruction manual Answer: The instruction card was sent via my email. Did it provide the information you need? Please let me know. Thanks,

  11. Alltrade 2 1/2 ton #689-j-214-caAlltrade 2 1/2 ton #689-j-214-ca [Article]
    Question: I need a diagram to show me where the little balls and...ng to get this to work. It became useless in cold weather. I know i...

  12. SpecsSpecs [Article]
    ... I am in need for some product details. Specially the 2 ton Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack (product # 6...

  13. SocketSocket [Article]
    Question: This is urgent, need these items as soon as possible. Would you have a 1" drive socket...) in a 3" and 3-1/8" size. Powerbuilt brand seems to be a possibility. Do you have

  14. Kawasaki Brute Force 20gal/2HP air compressor model 692200Kawasaki Brute Force 20gal/2HP air compressor model 692200 [Article]
    Question: I am looking for a user manual for this model. Is it possible to have a PDF version sen...

  15.  870521 pocket clip 870521 pocket clip [Article]
    Question: hey i use the snap on 870521 everyday but i would like a pocket clip . do yall make a a...

  16. Snap-On Kit Sold at CostcoSnap-On Kit Sold at Costco [Article]
    ... and a 692304 18G brad driver that cane packaged as a pair from Costco. Where can I get manuals for these two pneumatics and what specifically are

  17. Charger CompatibilityCharger Compatibility [Article]
    Question: Hello, is the the 19.2 v battery charger 690072E with adapter 691677 compatible with a 21.6 v battery? I don't want this thing exploding me Answer: Via my email I

  18. Snap-on 691915 air compressor oil level sight glassSnap-on 691915 air compressor oil level sight glass [Article]
    Question: I have a Snap-on 20 gallon compressor model 691915. It fell on its side and broke the oil level sight glass. Do you have or know where can I get this part? Thanks in advance for yo

  19. Air compressorAir compressor [Article]
    Question: Hi there, I'm looking for connecting rod on a HOT ROD air compressor model #647376 Can't find it nowhere in my place ( i'm living in Canada, Saint-Angèle-de-Monnoir, posta

  20. floor jackfloor jack [Article]
    Question: Hello Carl , I am looking for a replacement U Cup seal for a Alltrade 2 ton floor jack , dimensions are metric , 22 mm ID , 40 mm OD and 12 mm thick. do you have that part ?

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