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  1. Performance Tough table saw Model 1786-S-10Performance Tough table saw Model 1786-S-10 [Article]
    Question: Hi Carl: I'm in need of an owner/operator manual for repair/parts/assembly for this old saw. Do you still have one available? Answer: The manual was sent via my

  2. 2 Ton Alltrade floor jack2 Ton Alltrade floor jack [Article]
    ...0578 s/n FH04090985 Unit only lifts half way. Assume fluid is need. What wt. or style? Where to fill ? Answer: This was answered via my email.

  3. Replacement batteryReplacement battery [Article]
    Question: Sir, I need replacement baterry for a Kawasaki hand drill. The one I have is the 21.6V 691221. You catalog says the replacement is #841227. I can´t find it nowhere. i live in

  4. Connectors for SnapOn Pressure Washer Model # 870905Connectors for SnapOn Pressure Washer Model # 870905 [Article]
    Question: I want to purchase a plumbing drain c... plumbing drain cleaning tool to attach to the Sna... which adaptor to get to use with pressure washer....

  5. Snap-on power washerSnap-on power washer [Article]
    Question: I need the part # for the injector swivel and inlet for my model # 692024, I'm trying t...

  6. searching a partsearching a part [Article]
    ...is was answered via my email. Hope you were able to obtain the item. Carl

  7. Snap On 20 gallon compressor (691915-45)Snap On 20 gallon compressor (691915-45) [Article]
    Question: When you take off one of the regulators and screw the regulator knob all the way in it ...

  8. 6405 set6405 set [Article]
    ... I heave acquired a large socket set.Unfortunately the 1.15 soccke...mal cost? Answer: I attempted to answer yo

  9. Detergent Suction Assembly for Pressure WasherDetergent Suction Assembly for Pressure Washer [Article]
    ...-On gas pressure washer, model 870591. It appears to be a brass assembly with a 1/4" fitting in the ...

  10. PowerBuilt Torque Wrench 944050PowerBuilt Torque Wrench 944050 [Article]
    Question: Yesterday I bought the Powerbuilt torque wrench 944050...ts of my town, when I got to my house and opened the case, I notice...

  11. Battery chargerBattery charger [Article]
    Question: Please type your question here... Search Home Back Forward Reload Print [Advanced Search] Battery and charger recall Question: I see my Kawasaki cordless drill model #840267 is be

  12. Powerbuilt Cooling tester Kit #70Powerbuilt Cooling tester Kit #70 [Article]
    ... I have model number 940427. Are there any additional adapters ava...1998 Toyota Camry 2.2L 4 cylinder uses #10 adapter to fit the cap, ...

  13. Kawasaki Brute Force 27 gal air compressor, Model #841844SKawasaki Brute Force 27 gal air compressor, Model #841844S [Article]
    Question: I can't find the manual for Kawasaki Brute Force 27 gal air compressor, Model #841844S ...4S purchased from Sams club. I have not been able to find it on your site or the web. An

  14. winchwinch [Article]
    ...Question: Good morning I have a Snap On winch part # 870991 serial # 1307-000557 I would need the electrical relay D130610 Thank you kindly Phil 450-577-1051 Answer:

  15. power built hot rod air compressor model # 647376power built hot rod air compressor model # 647376 [Article]
    Question: Carl were can I go online to order parts for this model? I need a reed valve exhaust,valve plate gasket,safety valve,drain valve and rubber plug for drain valve. I live in Canada T

  16. 3 ton All In One Bottle Jack3 ton All In One Bottle Jack [Article]
    Question: Just bought 2 of these, BUT one the retaining clips already fell off & is lost. Where can i find another retaining clip? Answer: This was answered via my

  17. Kawasaki 19.2v batteryKawasaki 19.2v battery [Article]
    Question: Trying to find a replacement battery for Kawasaki 19.2 volt cordless drill. Model/component 691762. Do you carry or can you sugggest where I can find one. Thanks Answer

  18. ManualManual [Article]
    ... press, model 1960-D-513N, serial #89956, manufactured 111990? Thank you Answer: Glad I was able to help. Ca

  19. Mastergrip Laser Manual From CostcoMastergrip Laser Manual From Costco [Article]
    Question: Can you send me a copy of the manual for the Mastergrip laser that I purchased from Costco. Thanks - Terry Answer: Thanks for letting me know you were able t

  20. Kawasaki Brute Force air compressor. Model 841844SKawasaki Brute Force air compressor. Model 841844S [Article]
    Question: I would like to get a manual and parts breakdown for the Kawasaki brute force air compres...

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