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  1. pièces for my compressorpièces for my compressor [Article]
    ... compressor is defect where can buy pièces to replaces them Answer: Hello Remi, We have...

  2. how do I bleed/filll hydro oil in my jack?how do I bleed/filll hydro oil in my jack? [Article]
    Question: #480578 Hi, I got a 2 ton trolley hydraulic jack, but I cannot seem to find the oil f...

  3. Alltrade squeeze Knife 150003Alltrade squeeze Knife 150003 [Article]
    Question: I purchased one of these knives a few years back and really like it, the button on the ...

  4. Alltrade Table Saw, 1987-B-10M ManualAlltrade Table Saw, 1987-B-10M Manual [Article]
    Question: Hi Carl, I saw some forum responses where you were able to provide a manual for this saw and recommended possible sources for compatible parts. Thank you very much for providing t

  5. AllTrade Aluminum Floor Jack Model480578AllTrade Aluminum Floor Jack Model480578 [Article]
    Question: I have this lightly used floor jack that has ceased to...ft. It is leaking some oil around the cylinder rod gland, so my fir...

  6. 2-ton Floor Jack #851451 - Leaked Oil2-ton Floor Jack #851451 - Leaked Oil [Article]
    ...n: I just discovered that my Alltrade #851451 2-ton Floor Jack leaked some oil while in storage. ...ot a whole lot but I know I won't be confident to use it on my car. Obvious

  7. Alltrade Professional floor jackAlltrade Professional floor jack [Article]
    Question: Did Alltrade market the Alltrade Professional Floor Ja...nal Floor Jacks? if so I have a 3 ton floor jack where the paper la...e the paper label has fallen off. How can I identify the model numb...

  8. Snap On Ratchet Strap RecallSnap On Ratchet Strap Recall [Article]
    Question: I have a set of the straps under recall and need more ... recall and need more info on how to return. Answer: This was a...

  9. Tool kit abILIBLETool kit abILIBLE [Article]
    ...i, Maybe this doesn't go to you but... Does Alltra...es Alltrade still have ; the 115piece Drill & ...5piece Drill & power set, model # 270163. I ca...

  10. Air compressor spare partsAir compressor spare parts [Article]
    ...an Alltrade air compressor model #540011. It no longer compresses past 50 psi, but it does continue to run. I need to know where in greater Phoenix, AZ area can I get replac

  11. 4 Gallon Twin Tank Air Compressor4 Gallon Twin Tank Air Compressor [Article]
    Question: my compressor keeps running at 30-35 PSI and it keep running and will not get up to 100PSI. What happens? Answer: I sent you some information via my email. We

  12. Replacement partReplacement part [Article]
    ...u sell replacement plastic eyesheild for 6" Alltrade Bench Grinder Model #1973-G-6? If so, what is the cost, shipping, etc. Answer: Via my email I referred yo

  13. 19.2 volt Kawasaki Battery19.2 volt Kawasaki Battery [Article]
    Question: I have the 691034 19.2 v drill batteries and cannot find a replacement for them. Were they discontinued? Answer: This was answered via my email. Were you able

  14. recallrecall [Article]
    Question: I got as recall notice on ratchet straps that I bought. Product # 871343S. How do I proceed? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking,

  15. Kawasaki 19.2V 2-speed DrillKawasaki 19.2V 2-speed Drill [Article]
    ...l no longer holds a charge. I read somewhere that the batteries were recalled. May I have the inform...lled. May I have the information or what I can do to replace these batteries? Product: Kawasaki

  16. cooling system tester Kit#70cooling system tester Kit#70 [Article]
    ...I have powerbuilt cooling system kit#70, I am looking for adapter for older cars that have big radiator cap. need cap test adapter and rad adapter. please advise. Jonathan (724) 58

  17. Pressure Washer 870905Pressure Washer 870905 [Article]
    Question: Need a gun for the above model. Do you have a replacement and how much does it cost? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking,

  18. 835279 27 Gallon Air Compressor835279 27 Gallon Air Compressor [Article]
    Question: Where can I find a parts diagram and/or repair manual for this unit. Thank you. Answer: The manual for your unit was sent via my email. Thanks for asking,

  19. replacement partsreplacement parts [Article]

  20. Battery upgradeBattery upgrade [Article]
    Question" Second question: Is there an upgrade for my drill from NiCd to Li ion batteries? My c...

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