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  1. Replacement bladesReplacement blades [Article]
    Question: I have an Alltrade Cutzall tool and recently broke the blade. I cannot find a replacement blade anywhere. HELP My tool looks like it should take a 2" blade not the 3 7/8 blade.

  2. kawasaki 5" random orbit sanderkawasaki 5" random orbit sander [Article]
    ... i have a need for a new hook and loop for model # 691209 sander,can i buy a replacement from alltools ? thanks tom Answer: This was answered via my email.

  3. 648756 Suction Gun648756 Suction Gun [Article]
    ...14. used it once to extract 1/2 pint of motor oil from my engine. i drained the extracted from the tool and stored the tool in the box. i went to use it t

  4. Ability to witshand pressureAbility to witshand pressure [Article]
    Question: Hello, I have owned coil spring compressor number 648627 for some time now, but since I have been using it more latterly my biggest concern is the thickness of the bolts and abili

  5. Smaller Screw Mandrel Thread Size?Smaller Screw Mandrel Thread Size? [Article]
    ... two screw mandrels broke on my Mastergrip 190 pc rotary tool (Item # 573148). I can't find a replac...

  6. Alltrade rotary toolAlltrade rotary tool [Article]
    Question: My rotary tool rubberized coating has become so sticky I can't use it. Is there anythi...

  7. Alltrade Socket Set (119 pieces)   #360327Alltrade Socket Set (119 pieces) #360327 [Article]
    Question: 1) Does your company supply Alltrade Tools to Harbor Freight and Tools stores? 2) Has the above socket set been discontinued within the past 10 years and no longer available? If

  8. POWERBUILT Crank Pulley Holder Honda #648796POWERBUILT Crank Pulley Holder Honda #648796 [Article]
    Question: Hi, Can you tell me please, will this product work with my 1986 Honda Prelude 2.0 Si? The packaging states "Fits 1990 and later"; I'm wondering if that's a general statement, or i

  9. broken multi-toolbroken multi-tool [Article]
    Question: I broke my 10 function multi-tool and was wondering if it is a lifetime warranty tool. Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Ca

  10. Alltrade Multi-tool warrantyAlltrade Multi-tool warranty [Article]
    Question: Is there a warranty, if so what are the limitations? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  11. Air staplerAir stapler [Article]
    Question: So I've got a narrow gauge stapler that I've used quiet a lot without any trouble. Yesterday the staples began getting stuck before coming all the way out of the gun. After about 6

  12. charger batterycharger battery [Article]
    Question: I don't now why your batteries and charger are so much I have bought a charger 690072, battery 1 691235, battery 2 690071, saw saw 690088, all so two drills and skill say and all

  13. battery pack for Allegheney drill, flashlight and saber saw combobattery pack for Allegheney drill, flashlight and saber saw combo [Article]
    Question: how do I buy a replacement battery battery pack for Allegheney drill, flashlight and saber saw combo? Answer: Some time ago I requested the model number of your too

  14. Issue with Kawasaki 19.2 v 2 speed battery drillIssue with Kawasaki 19.2 v 2 speed battery drill [Article]
    Question: I purchased the drill several yeara ago and the battery charger was recalled and was sent a new one. Although I let the batteries (2) discharge before recharging they only have a l

  15. three jaw chuck for Trades Pro Rotary Toolthree jaw chuck for Trades Pro Rotary Tool [Article]
    Question: I am looking for a three jaw chuck for my Trades Pro Rotary tool. What can I use? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  16. BatteriesBatteries [Article]
    Question: I have a Kawasaki 4 piece tool combo model 840663, it has two batteries model 691221 and a charger model 691334. The batteries have serial numbers 0903001507 and 093001691. Is it

  17. Lifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty [Article]
    Question: I have some wrenches and hand tools from powerbuilt, how is the Lifetime warranty works?? How to make a claim? Do I need to send the tools?? To where?? Thanks. Answer:

  18. Snap-on Multitool set art. 535747Snap-on Multitool set art. 535747 [Article]
    Question: Pls. I would like to buy 100 sets of Snap-on Multitools Set of the subject. Where can I buy them and need pricing. Dennis Answer: Via my email I suggested that you

  19. StoolStool [Article]
    Question: I bought a stool from Northern Tools and I wanted to recover it. I see on the bottom that it's built by AllTrade Tools in Longbeach. However I don't see stools on your webpage

  20. 14mm Back Tap #64081114mm Back Tap #640811 [Article]
    ... plus inches below the surface is there a extention for this part or a proceedure so I can use this tool. thanks

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