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  1. recall on batteries on Kawasaki cordless drills 691034recall on batteries on Kawasaki cordless drills 691034 [Article]
    Question: The recall on one of alltradetools site says these batteries are not to be used they cause fires , so how do I get a replacement for these to batteries . They are 19.2 power packs.

  2. list pricelist price [Article]
    Question: hello there.. what does this model list for?? http://www.alltradetools.com/catalog/28-835279-27-gallon-air-compressor.html thank you Steve Answer: This was answer

  3. Warranty ClaimWarranty Claim [Article]
    Question: Where can I make a warranty claim on Powerbuilt hand tools?? Thanks. Answer: Via my email I requested information about the Powerbuilt tool you have. Please

  4. Replacement tool boxReplacement tool box [Article]
    Question: I bought one of your all inclusive tool boxes with about 50 items in it. I love it but the box has worn out. Tools are fine. Can I buy just the box? It's a gray box with swing

  5. 481017 206 Piece Rotary Tool Set481017 206 Piece Rotary Tool Set [Article]
    Question: Does this tool have bushings or bearings in the front? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  6. Warranty in CanadaWarranty in Canada [Article]
    Question: I live in Ontario, Canada and recently purchased a PowerBuilt tool (new) from Amazon. I now require a warranty replacement, who can I contact? Thanks. Answer: Via m

  7. Drill Press\ Chuck QuestionsDrill Press\ Chuck Questions [Article]
    Question: I purchased a used drill press, Alltrade 12 speed drill press model number 967-D-1234, manufactured 1983. I would like to know the taper and drill chuck key id. The chuck is 5/

  8. Jack OilJack Oil [Article]
    Question: I purchased a model # 620479 and it came with very little jack oil. So little that it takes a while for the ram to lift. Can Alltrade send my some oil to put in this jack. This sho

  9. battery and diversbattery and divers [Article]
    Question: hi! Carl, I own the following Kawasaki 19.2v power tools: 1 set of screw driver 691234, the set includes One charger 690507 and its 19.2v battery 691240, another 1 set of scre

  10. Kawasaki Sticky ToolsKawasaki Sticky Tools [Article]
    Question: Carl, Help, I’m getting desperate in Dallas. We have 3 large sets of Kawasaki tools that are all suffering from the sticky black handle issue plaguing Kawasaki tools owners

  11. Wobbly shaft in all trade rotary tool. Wobbly shaft in all trade rotary tool. [Article]
    Question: I used the rotary tool once and the drill bit wobbled so much that it is un-usable. The...

    Question: I have been using the above tool for 3 years. Now I want another one. It is an ALLTRADE brand, U.S. Patent #6984099, made in Taiwan. I purchased the original one in South Africa,

  13. Kawasaki Cordless Drill Charger RecallKawasaki Cordless Drill Charger Recall [Article]
    Question: KW Black 21.6V Cordless Drill 840267 I just read on the Consumer product Safety Commission website that I own a Kawasaki 21.6F cordless drill Model 840267 which was recalled back

  14. mastergrip torque wrench airtoolmastergrip torque wrench airtool [Article]
    Question: what are the torque ft/lbs for models 69114 Answer: Thanks for letting me know that you found the info you needed. Carl

  15. plastic cutting bitplastic cutting bit [Article]
    Question: i purchased the 480902 206 Piece Rotary Tool Set which bit will cut out plastic Answer: I apologize for my delay in replying to you via my email. I did reques

  16. 206 piece Alltrade Rotary Tool (Blue Handle)206 piece Alltrade Rotary Tool (Blue Handle) [Article]
    Question: Hello. Purchased this tool several years ago at Costco. Only now have need to use it....packaging with zip ties - never opened. The blue rotary tool itself

  17. Tie Rod Service Kit (641440)Tie Rod Service Kit (641440) [Article]
    ...ie rod end has a washer whose edges are bent over the bolt shoulders of the tie rod (onto which the tool is designed to fit) to prevent the tie rod from b

  18. warranty on master grip rachet hand toolwarranty on master grip rachet hand tool [Article]
    Question: I have a broken rachet. I want to know your what kind of warranty you have. I search your website and could not find an answer. Are the rachets lifetime warranty like the othe

  19. rotary toolsrotary tools [Article]
    ... directions on how to use the alltrade 106 piece rotary tool & accessory set. MFG #481017 ITE...

  20. 691221 battery pack recall.691221 battery pack recall. [Article]
    Question: I read the following on Consumer Affairs.com concerning recalled batteries from Alltrade Tools: "Consumers should stop using the recalled battery packs immediately and contact All

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