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  1. 648604 Upper Control Arm Bushing Service Kit (Kit 25) torque specs648604 Upper Control Arm Bushing Service Kit (Kit 25) torque specs [Article]
    Question: Hi, I had the screw cap part fail on my very first use of 648604 Upper Control Arm Bushing Service Kit (Kit 25), and I didn't even approach the 90ft-lbs that my torque wrench was s

  2. alltrade rotary toolalltrade rotary tool [Article]
    Question: The blue plastic body has become sticky! How can I clean it? Answer: This was answered via my email. Did you try the alcohol and powder; did it help? Pl

    ...y, pump cycling on and off during use with trigger activated. It was received March 9, 2016. Seller toolsmithdirect advise

  4. Engine Compression KitEngine Compression Kit [Article]
    Question: I just bought a new Powerbuilt Compression Test Kit, 948008 to replace my old tool. Did so based on product reputation and quality. So I was amazed this is no manual for your pro

  5. Tool kit abILIBLETool kit abILIBLE [Article]
    Question: Hi, Maybe this doesn't go to you but... Does Alltrade still have ; the 115piece Drill & power set, model # 270163. I can't tell u how many times thru the years this kit was so

  6. Kawasaki 19.2V 2-speed DrillKawasaki 19.2V 2-speed Drill [Article]
    Question: This drill no longer holds a charge. I read somewhere that the batteries were recalled. May I have the information or what I can do to replace these batteries? Product: Kawasaki

  7. replacement partsreplacement parts [Article]

  8. Where to buyWhere to buy [Article]
    Question: Good morning, We are looking for 2 things, in conjunction with 480902 206 Piece Rotary Tool Set 1. More details (what's the difference between 481017, for example) 2. Where to

  9. 21.6V vs. 19.2V Tools21.6V vs. 19.2V Tools [Article]
    Question: I own a 21.6V Kawasaki Combo Tools Set. My batteries don't hold a charge as long as they used to and now my charger has gone out. I contacted AllTrade about a new charger and they

  10. How to contact Alltrade tools How to contact Alltrade tools [Article]
    Question: Hi Carl, Maybe you can help me. I have tried to contact the parts department or anyone for that matter to purchase a replacement part for my 2000 PSI Pressure washer. I have lef

  11. Powerbuilt 648477 questionPowerbuilt 648477 question [Article]
    ...t off I work for the U.S military as a mechanic and our shop is possibly looking at purchasing your tools. Second is my question about your Powerb

  12. Title 20Title 20 [Article]
    ...ght a 19.2v Kawasaki drill this week. She is a very green minded person and can not find that this tool is CA Title 20 compliant. Do cordless drills need to be title 20

  13. need Batteriesneed Batteries [Article]
    Question: I just bought a bulk skid of Kawasaki cordless tools ,and im looking for Batteries for them ,wondering how much they would cost if I buy in bulk ? there the 19.2 v Answer:

  14. Alltrade rotary toolAlltrade rotary tool [Article]
    Question: Where can I get a replacement collet? Answer: Via my email I advised you to call customer service. Were you able to obtain the collet? Carl

  15. alltrade trades pro bufferalltrade trades pro buffer [Article]
    Question: Seem to not beable to find pads for this tool.. Answer: Via my email I rrequested the model number of your unit or a photo. I have not yet received your reply

  16. Stool disassemblyStool disassembly [Article]
    Question: I have a Snap On Stool P/N 870999C bought at Costco. I have the assembly instructions manual but now I need to put the stool back into its original box and I haven't succeeded int

  17. Snap-on pressure washer 3200 psi  start secret!?Snap-on pressure washer 3200 psi start secret!? [Article]
    Question: I have had this tool for 5 years. Since the beginning, I have had great difficulty starting it. Yesterday and today, I cannot get it to start. Is there a complete explanation on

  18. Torque wrenchTorque wrench [Article]
    Question: Hello Ron, My 20 year old Alltrade 10-150 lb. Torque Wrench is now hard to turn the bottom pound setting screw/handle past like 90 lbs. What can I do to perhaps fix it? The to

  19. Rotary buffer speedsRotary buffer speeds [Article]
    Question: On the rotarty buffer: what are the speed settings as to rpms on speed selector wheel? Answer: This was answered via my email. Was the information helpful.&nb

  20. Hub PullerHub Puller [Article]
    Question: Can you use the hub puller on a 2006 Jeep Commander 3.7 engine, 4wd? If the answer is "YES" which hub removed do you use the one that says front wheel drive or the one marked rear

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