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  1. 835458 200835458 200 [Article]
    Question: I have one of these tool kits. I want another. I can't find one anywhere. Where can I get one ? Answer: Via my email I advised you to call customer service to see

  2. MasterGrip Rotary Tool ITM / ART. 119645MasterGrip Rotary Tool ITM / ART. 119645 [Article]
    Question I just started using this tool and noticed that the top two threads on the pistol grip are stripped. I cannot lock any tool in the collet as the nut will not lock properly. Can I ch

  3. 7.2 battery replacement7.2 battery replacement [Article]
    Question: Hi Carl, I have an old set of Jigsaw model 802 S72, Finishing Sander model 801 S72 and a 3/8" Drill model 798 S72. All @ 7.2v. They all came with Charger model 2820 C72 @7.2/1.5.

  4. Missing partsMissing parts [Article]
    Question: Hi we purchased a model 836668 trades pro air tool set and was wondering if you could send me the pieces Answer: Your inquiry has been answered via my email.

  5. Manual for Mastergrip Laser Distance MeterManual for Mastergrip Laser Distance Meter [Article]
    Question: Do you know how I can find this manual on-line? Tool purchased at Costco. Answer: Thanks for letting me know that the manual I sent via my email was helpful.

  6. Air plus air hammerAir plus air hammer [Article]
    ...egardless of air pressure. Many years old, but this is really first use. Air comes out the front of tool continuesly, no hammer action. Opened up too

  7. Trades pro 9.6v oscillating toolTrades pro 9.6v oscillating tool [Article]
    Question: Just purchased a trades pro 9.6 oscillating tool. After first use the head of the piece comes out slightly and then it doesn't function right. The head which holds the blade pops o

  8. Part...where to buyPart...where to buy [Article]
    Question: Please tell me where I can buy "840226 205 Piece Rotary Tool Accessory Set". I've tried to locote from the sources on your web site. None of those companies sell this item I an in

  9. InstructionsInstructions [Article]
    Question: Please send the instructions for replacing the batteries in the 870452 multi tool/flashlight. Thanks Answer: Please let me know if the instruction card I sent

  10. chargercharger [Article]
    Question: im looing to get the 24v charger for my impact the one that came with the tool had a melt down part number is 691809 Answer: This was answered via my email.

  11. broken toolbroken tool [Article]
    Question: need assistance with broken tools that we had bought Answer: Via my email I requested more information about the broken tools including type, brand and/or model num

  12. Broken 3/8" ratchetBroken 3/8" ratchet [Article]
    Question: Do your hand tools come with a lifetime warranty? My 3/8" ratchet is broken and if so, how do I get this product repaired? Thanks for your help with this. Kevin Mulvehill 805-304

  13. Warranty infoWarranty info [Article]
    Question: What is the warranty on your tools. I just purchased some from Amazon.com Answer: Via my email I requested the brand and model numbers of your tools so I could as

  14. ToolsTools [Article]
    Question: Hi i work for New Zealand trucks and was wondering if you could confirm that you still have these items in stock and that they haven't been discontinued. 835578 - 7 pc metric s

  15. replacement bateryreplacement batery [Article]
    Question: Hello, I am trying to get a battery for my impact hand tool, and I can not see it online. Could you please assist me with that? the rechargeable pack is its 24V and the # is 69180

  16. Battery and charger recallBattery and charger recall [Article]
    Question: I see my Kawasaki cordless drill model #840267 is being recalled. "Alltrade Tools Recalls Power Tool Battery Chargers Due to Burn and Laceration Hazards". I unplugged the batteries

  17. 24 V Alltrade nickel cadmium battery24 V Alltrade nickel cadmium battery [Article]
    Question: How many hours do I need to charge the battery after using it when the tool I am using quits? Answer: Via my email I requested the model number and brand of your to

  18. Replacement wheels for Costco Snap On stoolReplacement wheels for Costco Snap On stool [Article]
    Question: Is it possible to order replacement wheels for my garage stool? One of the wheels was damaged in my recent military move. Thank you. Answer: This was answered via

  19. replacement partreplacement part [Article]
    Question: can I just the crew line inspection tool battery holder with the switch on the bottom. It is blue and holds 3 aa batteries. One of the batteries leaked and damaged the holder. If


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