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  1. parts for rotary toolparts for rotary tool [Article]
    what accessories can I use for an old rotary tool #481-451. for which other model can I use

  2. kit 28 model#648742kit 28 model#648742 [Article]
    Hi do you have pics and instruction how to use kit 28. I want to know how to install the hub after it was remove using the installer kit. I am not clear on the instruction on attaching the front hub i...

  3. pressure washer malfunctionpressure washer malfunction [Article]
    Model: 691699 / SN: 1011000204 I purchased @ Costco and have used twice in past year. Yesterday it quit after approximately 20 to 30 minutes use by tripping a 20 amp circuit breaker. After a couple...

  4. Kawasaki 6 amp reciprocating saw, missing part. Kawasaki 6 amp reciprocating saw, missing part. [Article]
    I have the above named recip.saw. I have lost the set screw that tightens and holds the blade in the receiver with a 4mm allen wrench. I would like to know the specs for that screw so that I may repla...

  5. brake line flaring tool -Alltradebrake line flaring tool -Alltrade [Article]
    I am trying to flare 1/4" steel coated brake line. After deburring the inside and chamfering the outside, I can't seem to keep the die staying square. It keeps shifting off to one side. I am doing thi...

  6. replacementreplacement [Article]
    the 1.6a Oscillating tool. Is the accessory spindle replaceable? If so is the flange a replaceable? I need to know before I purchase this tool because a neghbor has one and the pins that hold the acce...

  7. Alltrade Rotary Tool Carbon Brush ReplacementAlltrade Rotary Tool Carbon Brush Replacement [Article]
    Is there a part # for the carbon brushes? And where can I buy them? Thank You~

  8. Alltrade ToolboxAlltrade Toolbox [Article]
    Can you ID the following toolbox and tell me what year it is? Do you have any manuals on it? Thanks, Joe http://newyork.craigslist.org/stn/tls/3126535310.html.

  9. tool warrantytool warranty [Article]
    my tool has a lifetime warranty how do I send it in for service

  10. 835896 165 Pc Tool Set835896 165 Pc Tool Set [Article]
    Can't find this tool set anywhere - where exactly can I buy it?

  11. defective dril setdefective dril set [Article]
    i have the recalled: Power Tool Power Tool Model Battery Pack Model KW Black 19.2V Cordless Drill 840128 691034 KW Black 19.2V 26 PC Drill Set 840135 and it is defective; the batteries get rea...

  12. spears spears [Article]
    item no 119645 190 pc rotary tool have lost the the collet nut can you help I live in the uk

  13. kawasaki cordless toolskawasaki cordless tools [Article]
    I have two 19.2 volt Kawasaki drills, a circle saw & a saber saw. I recently bought two replacement batteries. Last week both my battery chargers both quit working and I am told the chargers are no lo...

  14. Ball JointsBall Joints [Article]
    What tool do I buy to change the ball joints on a 1997 Dodge 1500 4 wheel drive. Does Alltrade have a warrenty?

  15. RECALL Kawasaki 21.6 V 2-Speed Battery Operated Drill with ChargerRECALL Kawasaki 21.6 V 2-Speed Battery Operated Drill with Charger [Article]
    Hi. Noticed that the Kawasaki 21.6 V 2-Speed Battery Operated Drill with Charger that I purchased at Sam's Club had a recall notice. How do I find information about this on your website?

  16. Alltrade 648741 Kit 27 Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal and Installation Tool SetAlltrade 648741 Kit 27 Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal and Installation Tool S... [Article]
    Hi, please, i'd like to know the sizes of bearing installer in this kit, because i need to confirm if has the apropriate bearing installer for SKF Bearing 6005 and 6006. SFK 6005: internal diameter:...

  17. Question about the digital torque adaptor 940759Question about the digital torque adaptor 940759 [Article]
    I wonder if I can use this tool to set torque values of 1.1 to 2 Nm (10-20 in-lbs) to 115.3 - 128.8 Nm (85-95 ft-lbs) Thanks a lot

  18. SCFM ratingSCFM rating [Article]
    I have the Alltrade Hurricane air tool set model 630022. I was trying to find out what the necessary SCFM rating is for these tools so I can get the right compressor.

  19. recallrecall [Article]
    i have a tool that was purchased at costco and it may be included in the recall. how do i claim?

  20. battery charger recallbattery charger recall [Article]
    can i get info for battery recall on kawasaki tool set. The battery part is # 691221 and was purchased at Costco.

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