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  1. waranty of kawasaki drillwaranty of kawasaki drill [Article]
    ...'ve been very happy with it. The clutch has issues, but it still worked. Last weekend, the variable speed control gave out. Now it only has one speed,

  2. kawasaki 840792 adhesive backing plate conversion.kawasaki 840792 adhesive backing plate conversion. [Article]
    ...adhesive sanding plate. Is there a hook and loop backing plate or conversion pad available for this tool? If so, please provide a part number Thanks

  3. replacement ratchetreplacement ratchet [Article]
    I have a durabuilt tool kit purchased from target about 6 years ago. Model number 650385. The ratchet just broke. I am wondering what it's value is because the cost to send it in for repair or replace...

  4. Kawasaki 19.2v Cordless Drill/DriverKawasaki 19.2v Cordless Drill/Driver [Article]
    I just purchased a Kawasaki Cordless Drill Model #841845 from Costco. When using the tool it emits a "beep" sound when I pull the trigger. Is this normal?

  5. auto specialty toolauto specialty tool [Article]
    Hi what is opening width of tie rod separater # 648692? Thanks

  6. 480902 206 Piece Rotary Tool Set480902 206 Piece Rotary Tool Set [Article]
    Trying to find user manual for 480902 206 Piece Rotary Tool Set. Didn't see it under support on website.

  7. Snap-On two ring stoolSnap-On two ring stool [Article]
    I need to replace one fame (ie. 2 legs on a two ring Snap-On stool. The seat, swivel, two rings and "other" frame leg and hardware is OK. How do I order this?

  8. batterybattery [Article]
    I have two 19.2V Kawasaki 691240 rechargeable power pack use for my Kawasaki power drill, both of them went dead at one. Is it possibly caused by the charger? is there a recall on that product from Al...

  9. warranty of power built toolswarranty of power built tools [Article]
    ...the telescoping magnet inside the shank of the bit driver. How do I go about getting a replacement tool??

  10. Generator & Air CompressorGenerator & Air Compressor [Article]
    I have a HotRod 5gal. / 3peak HP compressor which does NOT run on my Coleman PowerMate Generator - PC54-200 - 2250 watts - 120V - 18.75 amps / 60HZ /1 Phase.. I am assuming generator cannot give...

  11. alltrade part number 648831alltrade part number 648831 [Article]
    where in las vegas nevada can i buy this tool....

  12. 648796 Honda Crank Pulley Removal tool648796 Honda Crank Pulley Removal tool [Article]
    Could you please tell me if the tool above will fit (work) on a 2005 accord V6? (J30A4 engine I believe) Thanks

  13. Kawasaki 21.6v 2 Speed battery operated drillKawasaki 21.6v 2 Speed battery operated drill [Article]
    I have a cordless drill as indicated above #691220 with a battery pack #691221. How do I get a replacement battery for this drill?

  14. recallrecall [Article]
    purchased Alltrade 840055 19.2 Volt 4 Piece Tool Kit from newegg a couple of weeks ago for my sons birthday aug 25th. concerned that this might be on your recall list

  15. rotary toolrotary tool [Article]
    Hi. I need the manual for the 480902 206 Piece Rotary Tool Set, i lost the sheet. Where can i download? Or can you send me a pdf to my mail? Thanks

  16. ViceVice [Article]
    I have an older Alltrade vice with a large number 4 in black on the section that travels in and out. It doesn't open on its own, you have to turn the handle and pull the jaws apart manually. It looks ...

  17. kawasaki 21.6V cordless drill 691220 kawasaki 21.6V cordless drill 691220 [Article]
    ...s quit working. Trigger will not activate drill. Before the unit quit working...ran at a very low speed and the unit heated up and had a funny odor. Can it be fixed?

  18. Allegheny power toolsAllegheny power tools [Article]
    I have a 24v allengheny tool set used in a very limited way. But i realized lately that the batteries are not charging. I could not find anywhere where they sell Allegheny batteries or chargers. I tri...

  19. question about instructionsquestion about instructions [Article]
    I have an Alltrade 206 piece Rotary Tool and Accessory Set. There are no directions for use with it. Is anything available that would give me more information on attaching and using all the parts? ...

  20. Rotary Tool RepairRotary Tool Repair [Article]
    I have an alltrade rotary tool that I bought at Costco and want to have it repaired in Mexico (the t...

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