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  1. 2 piece Floorfjack handle assy2 piece Floorfjack handle assy [Article]
    Dear Nancy, I was wondering if you had a chance to check with someone in regards to the two piece handle for the Floor Jack I have been tring to get. This is exactley what happened to me a cou...

  2. 940962 Digital Torque Adaptor/Alltrade.940962 Digital Torque Adaptor/Alltrade. [Article]
    I have 3 questions pertaining to this product: 1. The owners manual states the unit must be calibrated periodically as part of routine maintenence. specifically what does "periodically" time perio...

  3. Alltrade 648617 Kit #46 Master Ball Joint / U-Joint Service Tool Set - 23 Piece Alltrade 648617 Kit #46 Master Ball Joint / U-Joint Service Tool Set - 23 Piece [Article]
    Will this work on my 1993 Silverado 1500 4X4 and 2003 Silverado 2500HD 4X4? For removing LCA ball joints... Are the reciever tubes heavy duty thick metal? What guage are they?

  4. rotery toolrotery tool [Article]
    Hi, I bought one of your rotery tools at a big lots store here in San Antonio. I used it twice when i bought it and just needed to use it again and it dont work. As its been a few months i donot have ...

  5. pnuematic toolspnuematic tools [Article]
    I cant get the air connector off of the bottom of the pneumatic 1/2 drive air impact wrench - I know one is for oil and one is for the connector

  6. Master Grip Rotary ToolMaster Grip Rotary Tool [Article]
    I understand you make the Master Grip Rotary Tool. I'm trying to locate a chuck for the tool. Can you make any recommendations about finding one? Appreciate your help! Barbara

  7. 19.2 V batteries19.2 V batteries [Article]
    I have batttery charger # 690507 (serial# 6100044448). The batteries that came with my drill wore out & I bought replacements that look, fit and work just fine except they will not work with the origi...

  8. 1/4 DR. ADAPTER1/4 DR. ADAPTER [Article]
    Hi, My dad gave me an Alltrade socket set and the "1/4 DR. ADAPTER" is missing. The form where the tool goes is different than the other adapters. Would it be possible for me to send you a picture of...

  9.     kawasaki 2.5amp oscillating multi-tool kawasaki 2.5amp oscillating multi-tool [Article]
    Do you know where replacement blades can be purcased or any other make of tool that uses a similar blade that will fit this tool?

  10. trades pro 8 pc. oscillating handtool  (#837195)trades pro 8 pc. oscillating handtool (#837195) [Article]
    i have read the entire book and nowhere does it decribe or mention the small plastic bag with 2 springs that have a cap on one side and a small cube shaped piece of metal on the othe end. as i mentio...

  11. ChargerCharger [Article]
    ...uct but after several times of using and charging, can no longer use it better, after charging, the tools run slow and whenever I charge it the light indicator is not showing and

  12. Fuel Line Disconnect ToolFuel Line Disconnect Tool [Article]
    How do you use this tool.

  13. sharpeningsharpening [Article]
    ...hased an Alltrade sharpening set with diamond grit from costco. there are no instructions with the tools. where can I find instructions on sharpening and how to use your product? is it availab

  14. Kawasaki buffer Kawasaki buffer [Article]
    can someone repair the speed control on a Kawasaki buffer purchast 2 years ago? should I buy a new one?

  15. Rotary Tool does not tighten to grasp bits.Rotary Tool does not tighten to grasp bits. [Article]
    When I put my bit into the sleeve and tighten it, the bit is still loose. I'm wondering if the sleeve is missing something (it is a perfect cylinder) that tapers the space so the collet compre...

  16. Power stapler / nailerPower stapler / nailer [Article]
    I purchased one of your Snap-on tool brands the 4 in 1 stapler nailer and it came with sample packages. I am interested where I can purchase the brad nails, pin nails and round crown staples when I us...

  17. Alltrade Cutzall handleAlltrade Cutzall handle [Article]
    ...d one is worn out and the jaws stay open 1/2". I will also be replacing the blade and anvil. Good tool. Thanks.

  18. 18v variabl speed battery operated drill18v variabl speed battery operated drill [Article]
    I bought this drill at tractor supply in Rutherofrdton but hte don't carrythe part I need, can I buy the charger and stand some place else?

  19. Kawasaki 19.2V Battery failureKawasaki 19.2V Battery failure [Article]
    I have an 19.2 Volt Kawasaki 4 piece tool set. one of the batteries suddenly quit. It was fully charged and just stopped mid cut. The charge light doesn't illuminate when i put it in the charger. the ...

  20. Kawasaki 2.5 amp oscillating multi toolKawasaki 2.5 amp oscillating multi tool [Article]
    ...right of the packageing. The box only has Heavey Duty written there. So what is the model # for my tool? Thanks, Carl

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