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  1. Battery charger 21.6 volts Battery charger 21.6 volts [Article]
    Question: I ha buy a kit of batterytools ( drill, saw and jigsaw) model 21.6 volts . but since a few mount the battery charger dosn't charge the battery correctly .all the leds lights are o

  2. Warranty PeriodWarranty Period [Article]
    Question: What is the warranty period for your hand tools, in particular the Harmonic Balancer Puller & Installer Kit(s)? Thanks for your help... Answer: This was

  3. 3/8 bent handle rachet3/8 bent handle rachet [Article]
    ...e direction lever has broken off. How or what can I do for replacement? It is a valuable part of my tools. Answer:

  4. ProductProduct [Article]
    Question: Hi Carl. .. I bought a rolling stool from you folks. One of the wheels axles arrived bent and the screw won't hold it in place. It was item 620478. How do I go about getting a

  5. Bl;ow mold caseBl;ow mold case [Article]
    Question: Do you still provide the case for your Mastergrip 270140 tool set. The tools are still like new but the case is falling apart. Can't fasten the front and the back hinge has failed.

  6. Pilot bearing puller Pilot bearing puller [Article]
    Question: This kit Model #648619 does not work , Have you try it yet ? I tryed it 4 times same thing happend !! look at the fingers there are curve they need to be at a 90 degres so it can

  7. compressorcompressor [Article]
    Question: I have a Trade Pro compressor 830241. The part that the 220 PSI gauge and the hose attached to is broken. This is the part that adjusts the PSI pressure. I think its called The Com

  8. Shop StoolShop Stool [Article]
    Question: I purchased a Shop Stool on 6/14/14 and when assembling the back rest the little red handle that you have to pull back to get it on properly came off. I cannot figure out how to p

  9. about Kawasaki 840116 Black Benchtopabout Kawasaki 840116 Black Benchtop [Article]
    Question: Hi, I'm looking for Kawasaki 840116 8" Benchtop Drill Press. I've checked amazon or other website but it is no longer available. is there a way i can buy it? do you still make? htt

  10. 2013 wrangler sport 2013 wrangler sport [Article]
    Question: witch tool to remove/replace ball joints Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for your reply. Carl

  11. Kawasaki 840076 horizontal metal cutting band sawKawasaki 840076 horizontal metal cutting band saw [Article]
    Question: Hello, I am looking to purchase a metal cutting horizontal band saw but the tool needs to be UL certified or otherwise 3rd party certified to meet the requirement of a state elect

  12. Parts for Master hand tool boxParts for Master hand tool box [Article]
    Question: Where can a get rails for the two bottom drawers for a Master hand tool box? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  13. consumer packagingconsumer packaging [Article]
    Question: Recently at Orchard Supply I saw your hook and pick set product packaged in PVC/PET blister pack. Unfortunately, blister packs are notoriously hard to open, can cut your hands and

  14. Alltrade Rotary Tool Spindle Nut Thread SizeAlltrade Rotary Tool Spindle Nut Thread Size [Article]
    Question: I am unable to locate a specification for the thread size (SAE or metric) of the spindle nut and collar nut on the Alltrade Rotary Tool. Specifically, the 209 piece set item number

  15. Powerbuilt 12v digital impact wrenchPowerbuilt 12v digital impact wrench [Article]
    Question: I bought the subject tool but something inside broke. Is it covered in warranty? how do I claim warranty? Answer: This has been addressed via my email. Car

  16. Air Plus 42 PC. Air Tool SetAir Plus 42 PC. Air Tool Set [Article]
    Question: I am trying to find out how much this "Air Plus 42 PC. Air Tool Set" is new. Answer: This was answered via my email. The set was $54.99 MSRP when new but was

  17. Kawasaki Battery CompatibilityKawasaki Battery Compatibility [Article]
    Question: Is the 19.2v Kawasaki battery (840045) compatible with the tools which originally came with the 18v battery (840239)? The batteries are the same shape and size. It also does not

  18. HELPHELP [Article]
    Question: We would like to know how to acquire a catalog for automotive tools, and parts for our store. This catalog should contain loaner tools, and parts availabe? Thank you for any help

  19. kawasaki 21.6V 2-speed cordless drillkawasaki 21.6V 2-speed cordless drill [Article]
    Question: Carl, I bought the kawasaki 691220-1HR drill about 4 years ago. I have only used is about two times prior to today. Today I took it out of the case to use it and found that the rub

  20. kawasaki 21.6v battery recallkawasaki 21.6v battery recall [Article]
    ...estion: On the website consumeraffairs.com it states that your company is recalling certain power tool batteries. Excerpts from the article are copied below, and indicate that the battery

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