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  1. Warranty in CanadaWarranty in Canada [Article]
    ...tario, Canada and recently purchased a PowerBuilt tool (new) from Amazon. I now require a warranty r...

  2. Kawasaki 19.2v Replacement BatteryKawasaki 19.2v Replacement Battery [Article]
    Question: Carl, I got my new 691761 JL drill per recall today. When I try to use my old battery for it, it is not holding the charge beyond a few seconds. Note the battery is 4 years old. Wh

  3. Battery recalled Battery recalled [Article]
    ...stion: Just found out that my Kawasaki batteries model #691221 were recalled in 2007. Can I get a replacement? Serial #: 0807006804C and 08070007149C Thanks, Sly Answer:

  4. RecallRecall [Article]
    Question: Hi I have a question I bought in 2007 a Kawasaki drill 21.6v And the battery just burned I checked on Internet that my battery with model 691221 has a recall and your company is t

  5. Need Help Buying a Replacement Kawasaki Battery ChargerNeed Help Buying a Replacement Kawasaki Battery Charger [Article]
    Question: Carl, How do I buy a Kawasaki 19.2v, Class 2 Battery Charger model #690543? Thank you, Don Kehl Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking

  6. Kawasaki Battery RecallKawasaki Battery Recall [Article]
    ... I have a Kawasaki 21.6V battery Model 691221 which is defective and was recalled. How can I get a replacement battery. Answer: This was answered via my email.

  7. Kawasaki 21.6V Battery recallKawasaki 21.6V Battery recall [Article]
    Question: Hello, I have been looking for a replacement battery for my Kawasaki drill and it appears that my batteries were recalled a while ago. Is the battery replacement program still in e

  8. alltrade 962d 513alltrade 962d 513 [Article]
    Question: Hello I have the above drill press and I am looking for a replacement belt. I bought the machine at a garage sale and it needs some tlc. Thanks, Marc Answer: This

  9. Jack OilJack Oil [Article]
    Question: I purchased a model # 620479 and it came with very little jack oil. So little that it takes a while for the ram to lift. Can Alltrade send my some oil to put in this jack. This sho

  10. Kawasaki 19.2v battery charger (part # 690543)Kawasaki 19.2v battery charger (part # 690543) [Article]
    Question: Where can I purchase/acquire a replacement charger for my Kawasaki 690551-1HR cordless power drill...? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for as

  11. battery and diversbattery and divers [Article]
    Question: hi! Carl, I own the following Kawasaki 19.2v power tools: 1 set of screw driver 691234, the set includes One charger 690507 and its 19.2v battery 691240, another 1 set of scre

  12. Kawasaki Sticky ToolsKawasaki Sticky Tools [Article]
    Question: Carl, Help, I’m getting desperate in Dallas. We have 3 large sets of Kawasaki tools that are all suffering from the sticky black handle issue plaguing Kawasaki tools owners

  13. model 437-t-100model 437-t-100 [Article]
    Question: case is worn out (hinges/clasps) is replacement available?tx Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  14. Wobbly shaft in all trade rotary tool. Wobbly shaft in all trade rotary tool. [Article]
    Question: I used the rotary tool once and the drill bit wobbled so much that it is un-usable. The...

  15. 24V charging dock24V charging dock [Article]
    ...harging station for the batteries has disappeared. (I blame a fired co-worker). Where can I find a replacement 24V charging sys

    Question: I have been using the above tool for 3 years. Now I want another one. It is an ALLTRADE brand, U.S. Patent #6984099, made in Taiwan. I purchased the original one in South Africa,

  17. Kawasaki Cordless Drill Charger RecallKawasaki Cordless Drill Charger Recall [Article]
    Question: KW Black 21.6V Cordless Drill 840267 I just read on the Consumer product Safety Commission website that I own a Kawasaki 21.6F cordless drill Model 840267 which was recalled back

  18. battery charger recallbattery charger recall [Article]
    ...as been recalled. The link to battery recall on your webpage does not work. How do I register for a replacement charger before a batt

  19. defective handle for Model 507-w-53 ratchet Driver setdefective handle for Model 507-w-53 ratchet Driver set [Article]
    Question: I have a Model 507-w-53 3position Reversible Ratchet Driver Set and the reversible handle is defective and is suppose to have a lifetime guarantee. Can you tell me how I can get it

  20. replacement partreplacement part [Article]
    ...70905 1650 PSI/113.8 bar pressure washer. The sprayer and hose became non functional and we need to replace that. We have been unable to find the correct hose hookup, even with a

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