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  1. masterhand tool boxmasterhand tool box [Article]
    Question: I'm looking for a replacement lock for a Masterhand tool box we brought from TSC 6 yrs ...

  2. Mastergrip wrenchesMastergrip wrenches [Article]
    Question: Hello, I have a set of ratcheting wrenches that I purchased at Costco a few years ago that were advertised as having a life time warranty. I do not see any reference to MASTERGRIP

  3. Rotary tool cutting blade (s) installation Rotary tool cutting blade (s) installation [Article]
    Question: Have 200 piece set, needing installation instructions for using the cutting blades. (ie. Which attachments secure the cutting discs? Thank you! Answer: Instruction

  4. Alltrade #481451Alltrade #481451 [Article]
    ...seems like one of the fuses on my rotary tool burned out. Where can...ool burned out. Where can I get a replacement fuse? Thank you! An...

  5. Battery RecallBattery Recall [Article]
    ...rill as a gift which includes the 691034 19.2V batteries that have been recalled. How do I get them replaced? Anwser: This was answered via m

  6. 19.2 v BATTERY PACK19.2 v BATTERY PACK [Article]
    Question: i have made a wrong purchase asking for a 19.2v battery pack and my tool is 21.6v my question is if can use my 21.6v charger for this 19.2 battery pack' Best Regards Answe

  7. Replacement part for Snap On Pressure WasherReplacement part for Snap On Pressure Washer [Article]
    Question: I need a new "gun" for a Snap-On pressure washer purchased in the summer of 2015 (2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM, Model #692024). I understand that they are currently out of stock at Alltrade,

  8. 6.0mm bubble flare die/adapter replacement6.0mm bubble flare die/adapter replacement [Article]
    ...stion: i bought a powerbuilt iso bubble flaring tool and the 6.0mm die/adapter broke.the nipple th...ake line broke off.i want to know how i can buy a replacement one.pleas

  9. Recall on Kawasaki tool set chargerRecall on Kawasaki tool set charger [Article]
    Question: Hello, I purchased a box set of Kawasaki 19.2 volt tools from Costco around 2005 (drill, skill saw, flashlight, etc.) . The charger overheated and quit working yesterday. While res

  10. 648604 Upper Control Arm Bushing Service Kit (Kit 25) torque specs648604 Upper Control Arm Bushing Service Kit (Kit 25) torque specs [Article]
    Question: Hi, I had the screw cap part fail on my very first use of 648604 Upper Control Arm Bushing Service Kit (Kit 25), and I didn't even approach the 90ft-lbs that my torque wrench was s

  11. Front end service kit #648626Front end service kit #648626 [Article]
    Question: Hello Karl My Question is about the Front end service kit. It states on your website that it has a Lifetime Warrantee. I currently own one of these sets I have had for many years a

  12. alltrade rotary toolalltrade rotary tool [Article]
    Question: The blue plastic body has become sticky! How can I clean it? Answer: This was answered via my email. Did you try the alcohol and powder; did it help? Pl

    ...y, pump cycling on and off during use with trigger activated. It was received March 9, 2016. Seller toolsmithdirect advise

  14. Work Light Tri-podWork Light Tri-pod [Article]
    ..., Halogen work lights ( Yellow). I love these lights and someone broke one of the legs. Do you have replacement parts ? I cannot find a mode

  15. Chuck removalChuck removal [Article]
    ...n all trade drill press model number 962-d-513. My question is how do I remove the chuck. I want to replace it. Can you help me? Bill Answer: I sent you

  16. Engine Compression KitEngine Compression Kit [Article]
    ... a new Powerbuilt Compression Test Kit, 948008 to replace my old tool. Did so based on product repu...

  17. pièces for my compressorpièces for my compressor [Article]
    Question: my compressor is defect where can buy pièces to replaces them Answer: Hello Remi, We have been discussing your compressor via my email. I have

  18. Alltrade squeeze Knife 150003Alltrade squeeze Knife 150003 [Article]
    ...rs back and really like it, the button on the side to retract the blade has fallen off, can I get a replacement button or must I exchange t

  19. 2-ton Floor Jack #851451 - Leaked Oil2-ton Floor Jack #851451 - Leaked Oil [Article]
    Question: I just discovered that my Alltrade #851451 2-ton Floor Jack leaked some oil while in storage. It was not a whole lot but I know I won't be confident to use it on my car. Obvious

  20. Alltrade Professional floor jackAlltrade Professional floor jack [Article]
    Question: Did Alltrade market the Alltrade Professional Floor Jacks? if so I have a 3 ton floor jack where the paper label has fallen off. How can I identify the model number so I can purcha

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