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  1. Kawasaki 19.2v batteryKawasaki 19.2v battery [Article]
    Question: Trying to find a replacement battery for Kawasaki 19.2 volt cordless drill. Model/component 691762. Do you carry or can you sugggest where I can find one. Thanks Answer

  2. Battery RecallBattery Recall [Article]
    Question: Hello, When I did a search to get a new battery for my power tool, I noticed that I have 2 batteries and 1 charger that have been recalled. I was wondering what steps I had to tak

  3. AllTrade Socket caseAllTrade Socket case [Article]
    Question: I have a large, plastic case that holds sockets and drill bits. The case has cracked and not really usable. How may I get another case? Thanks! Answer: Via my email

  4. Rotary Tool  Serial 0512148772Rotary Tool Serial 0512148772 [Article]
    Question: Hello, I have the tool of the subject and it stopped working. Which is most frequent problem? Switch, wire, speed control? Can you send a graph indicating parts in case I have to o

  5. Kawasaki 19.2 Battery Replacement Kawasaki 19.2 Battery Replacement [Article]
    Question: I need to replace a 19,2 Kawasaki Battery 691240 , what would be a replacement? Also do I need to get a new charger for the replacement? Thanks Answer: I answe

  6. warrantywarranty [Article]
    ...ck in the 90s. It came with a lifetime warranty. My 12mm socket broke yesterday. How do I get it replaced? Thank you. Answer:

  7. Fwd bearing removal toolFwd bearing removal tool [Article]
    Question: I have the bearing removal tool It has severed me well I was interested to know if the screw and nut could be purchased seperate and if so where. I have had the tool for two ye

  8. What to replace Compressor with?What to replace Compressor with? [Article]
    ...estion: Hi, Got a compressor at Kragens in 97 or near that year. Single tank electric, sitting or tool plate on top, wheels... Once I realized it could vibrate headbolts loose and put 3 ba

  9. Kawasaki Drill recall replacementKawasaki Drill recall replacement [Article]
    ...own a Kawasaki drill that was recalled, model 691761 serial number 11040-14066. How do I get a replacement for my drill. Answer: This was answered via m

  10. Defective drillDefective drill [Article]
    Question: My drill, model 691220, has gone bad. I want a replacement please. Answer: Via my email I requested more information about the age of your drill. I have been

  11. Replacement battery pack/charger Kawasaki 961221Replacement battery pack/charger Kawasaki 961221 [Article]
    Question: A buddy on mine has a Kawasaki power tool set that uses the 21.6 V 691221 battery pack and charger. He bought it used and it did not include a charger. Will any of the other Kawasa

  12. kawasaki 12 volt tire drillkawasaki 12 volt tire drill [Article]
    Question: were can I find a dealer to fix my impact drill for tires to fix the wire. it has come away from the drill on the end. closet to the drill. thanks Shawn Morris Answer:

  13. The skin of my rotary tool, has excessive tackiness?The skin of my rotary tool, has excessive tackiness? [Article]
    Question: Hi Carl the skin of my ALLTRADE Rotary Tool, has excessive tackiness to a point which I cannot use it without wearing gloves. My question is, how can I remove this tackiness?

  14. Rebuild kit for 620479Rebuild kit for 620479 [Article]
    Question: Purchased this very cool jack and then experienced the same lleakdown issue that many others are having. Customer service refunded entire purchase price and I'm grateful but I wan

  15. toolstools [Article]

  16. floor jackfloor jack [Article]
    Question: Hello Carl , I am looking for a replacement U Cup seal for a Alltrade 2 ton floor jack , dimensions are metric , 22 mm ID , 40 mm OD and 12 mm thick. do you have that part ?

  17. digital Multi-Meterdigital Multi-Meter [Article]
    Question: wires are junk can not find anywhere to get replacement Answer: Via my email I advised you to call customer service. Were they able to help you? Please

  18. Recall on battery Recall on battery [Article]
    Question: I called and one of your agent said there was never a recall on the 21.6v Battery pack's but there is several different recall website saying other wise here is one of the site's

  19. WarrantyWarranty [Article]
    Question: I have two 640912 3 Ton All-In-One Bottle Jack/Jack Stands. I have had them four weeks now and only have used them twice. One of the jacks is leaking heavily from the dump valve. H

  20. 835458 200835458 200 [Article]
    Question: I have one of these tool kits. I want another. I can't find one anywhere. Where can I get one ? Answer: Via my email I advised you to call customer service to see

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