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  1. Snap-On Air Compressor Model# 871118Snap-On Air Compressor Model# 871118 [Article]
    Question: I have only used this air compressor a few times and now it seems to not be working. When I turn the switch to 'on', it just hums. The motor turns, but very slowly almost as if it'

  2. Kawasaki 21.6 volt battery chargerKawasaki 21.6 volt battery charger [Article]
    Question: Charger quit working. Is it repairable, if not I did not see a replacement on your web site. Where do if find one. Cordless drill is still working fine. Answer:

  3. Digital Infrared ThermometerDigital Infrared Thermometer [Article]
    Question: I just bought a digital infrared thermometer (tool House)#770343s. Can I use it to check the temp on a pot of grease before I use it to fry fish? Answer: This

  4. broken piston ringbroken piston ring [Article]
    Question: I have a broken piston ring on the Alltrades Pro 27 gallon air compresser. How do I replace it? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for

  5. Air WeAir We [Article]
    Question: I bought at Costco a while ago 481030 71 Piece Air Tool Set. I tried to used the ½” dr. impact wrench generating 230 ft-lbs torque. However my air compressor only deli

  6. jobsmart 4v lithium ion drilljobsmart 4v lithium ion drill [Article]
    Question: I would to know where to go to get a replacement instruction manual. Answer: Glad the manual was the one you needed. Thanks for asking,

  7. Kawasaki 19.2V 26 PC Drill Set RECALLKawasaki 19.2V 26 PC Drill Set RECALL [Article]
    Question: I have recently found out that my Kawasaki 19.2V 26 PC Drill Set is part of a Battery Recall. Power Tool Model: 840135 Battery Pack Model: 691034 How do I receive a compatible

  8. bottle jackbottle jack [Article]
    Question: i have the 410715 engine lift and the bottle jack for it stopped working i have taken it apart but cannot find anything wrong with it but it still will not raise the arm. can you

  9. Air compressor will not build pressureAir compressor will not build pressure [Article]
    Question: I have a trades 30 Gal air compressor that won't build pressure past about 50 lbs. oil level is fine, air filters are clean. what other items can I check? Answer:

  10. Kawasaki 19.2V Battery ChargerKawasaki 19.2V Battery Charger [Article]
    Question: I have the Kawasaki 19.2V Power Tool Set and the battery charger cannot charge the batteries. I have bought new batteries and the same thing happens. I also bought a new charger

  11. Regulator knob blew offRegulator knob blew off [Article]
    Question: Hadn't used my 5gal. compressor in a year or so. Plugged it in and filled it to 100 psi. Almost there, I heard a pop and found the red knob and what looks like washers had blown of

  12. Kawasaki 21.6V rechargable power-packKawasaki 21.6V rechargable power-pack [Article]
    ...called for safety reasons. I live in Edmonton, Canada and I am not the original owner. Is there a replacement availa

  13. warrantywarranty [Article]
    Question: I was thinking about buying the alltrade bearing replacement kit alltrade 648741 and would like to know the warranty period. If I have a problem who do I call. I know amazon sells

  14. cutzallcutzall [Article]
    Question: the safety lever is breaking. is there a replacement that can be sent to me or ordered. Answer: Via my email I advised you to call customer service. We

  15. Inner Tie Rod ToolInner Tie Rod Tool [Article]
    Question: Hi, I am looking for an inner tie rod tool that will work on a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer. I have already purchased a Powerbuilt Truck/SUV Inner Tie Rod Kit #85, but this does NOT fit

  16. WorksmithWorksmith [Article]
    Question: Is wordsmith rotary tools avail. What about parts Answer: This was answered via my ema...

  17. cordless drill charging problemscordless drill charging problems [Article]
    Question: Sir . I have a Kawasaki 19.2 V cordless drill/driver model# 840128, when I try to charge the batteries the light on the charger goes out after a few minutes, not charging the bat

  18. metric tie rod end socketsmetric tie rod end sockets [Article]
    ...ld like to know if I can get metric inner tie rod end sockets that fit my PowerBuilt kit 26 rod end tool. Answer: Sorry this took so long, but we ha

  19. Ford ranger 2006 fuel pump removalFord ranger 2006 fuel pump removal [Article]
    Question: Can you indicate your product that is the equivalent of special Ford tool numbers 310-D005 and 310-S039 Answer: Sorry for the delay in replying but some

  20. Warranty replacementWarranty replacement [Article]
    Question: Where can I go to have a deep socket replaced under warranty? I leave near Auto Zone, Wal Mart and Advanced Auto Parts retailers. Answer: This was answered vi

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