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  1. broken adapterbroken adapter [Article]
    Question: I was removing a bolt and my adapter split on sides. Where can I get a replacement? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  2. battery chargerbattery charger [Article]
    Question: I just got a battery replacement kawasaki 18v battery but I need a charger for it, the back of the battery shows a charger no. 690072 where I can buy one? Answer:

  3. Snap-on Multitool set art. 535747Snap-on Multitool set art. 535747 [Article]
    Question: Pls. I would like to buy 100 sets of Snap-on Multitools Set of the subject. Where can I buy them and need pricing. Dennis Answer: Via my email I suggested that you

  4. older alltrade ratchet screw driver.older alltrade ratchet screw driver. [Article]
    Question: I have an older ratchet screwdriver, that needs the bits however this screwdriver has a hex insert that has two of the ends a bit elongated. If I insert a regular hex shaft bit the

  5. Powerbuilt Master Hub Puller #648608Powerbuilt Master Hub Puller #648608 [Article]
    Question: I am in need of a replacement center screw for the above referenced kit. Mine has lost its threads and is now not functional. Needed: 5/8 X 5 1/2 NF Center Screw. Please help i

  6. StoolStool [Article]
    Question: I bought a stool from Northern Tools and I wanted to recover it. I see on the bottom that it's built by AllTrade Tools in Longbeach. However I don't see stools on your webpage

  7. 14mm Back Tap #64081114mm Back Tap #640811 [Article]
    ... plus inches below the surface is there a extention for this part or a proceedure so I can use this tool. thanks

  8. Powerbuilt 941199Powerbuilt 941199 [Article]
    Question: I cant find this on your site but newegg directs me here? Is there a replacement shaft or cable to extend the length of the camera? Powerbuilt 941199 Answer: This

  9. Kawasaki 19.2v Drill Replacement MotorKawasaki 19.2v Drill Replacement Motor [Article]
    Question: Hello, my Kawasaki 19.2v Drill Motor is smelling like it's burning. Are there replacement motors available? If so what do they cost? Currently, I have the drill apart. Thank You!

  10. Kawasaki 18v ChargerKawasaki 18v Charger [Article]
    Question: I am looking for a 18v Kawasaki Charger for cordless power tools Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  11. Case for serpentine belt kitCase for serpentine belt kit [Article]
    Question: My son ran over my carrying case for the serpentine belt tool kit. I need a new case but I don't know where to get it or how much it would cost. Can you help me? Answer:

  12. Alltrade rotary toolAlltrade rotary tool [Article]
    Question: I have one and need to know what the price of this tool was. Answer: Via my email I requested the model number of the unit. Carl

  13. Failed ChargerFailed Charger [Article]
    ... I have a 19.2 volt Kawasaki drill/driver and the charger has failed. I am wondering if I can get a replacement. The part number is 691760. Thank you, Brian Heston Answer:

  14. Kawasaki 690543 chargerKawasaki 690543 charger [Article]
    Question: Where can I get replacement charger 690543 for my drill and saw? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  15. warranty replacement of utility knifewarranty replacement of utility knife [Article]
    ...f your automatically loading utility knives that no longer work. It is my understanding that these tools come with a lifetime guarantee. How do I return these utility k

  16. pressure washer hosepressure washer hose [Article]
    ...on my 1750 electric PW wore through, while pulsating on a sharp rock. I have been unable to find a replacement as the threaded connector to the wand is 'small' co

  17. Price of tool setPrice of tool set [Article]
    Question: What the price of the 71 piece tool set Alltrade part # 830228 71. I couldn't find it. Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Ca

  18. model 741-C-5model 741-C-5 [Article]
    Question: the main bearing went out on my concrete mixer. How do I take it apart to replace it? Answer: How is your concrete mixer doing? I have a part numbers fo

  19. Replacement BatteryReplacement Battery [Article]
    Question: I'm looking for a replacement battery (691762) for my Kawasaki 19.2 V cordless drill. It doesn't look like the new series battery will fit. Can I get one from Alltrade? An

  20. replacement batteryreplacement battery [Article]
    Question: Need a replacement battery for my Kawasaki drill model 691761. The part number is 691762. Can't find it at usual sources. Answer: Via my email I recommended a cou

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