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  1. Kawasaki cordless drillKawasaki cordless drill [Article]
    Question: Where can I get a replacement trigger switch for my Kawasaki 18V cordless drill #691755-1HR. Thanks. Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for aski

  2. Cannot remove tools from plasticCannot remove tools from plastic [Article]
    Question: Bought Powerbuilt 3/8 Drive Spark plug set over Amazon. I cannot remove the sockets from the plastic inside the 3/8 inch top square. Broke the plastic off pulling on it now the p

  3. Alltrade Mod. 1806-A-141 Air WrenchAlltrade Mod. 1806-A-141 Air Wrench [Article]
    Question: Can you tell me if I can get a replacement trigger for this unit? It's well-maintained and seldom used so it works well otherwise and would hate to dispose of it. Answer:

  4. trainingtraining [Article]
    Question: Do you offer training on you industrial power tools? I have customers that are requesting this training from me, So I would like to receive certified trainer give me factor trainin

  5. Alltrade 5 Gallon dual tank Air Compressor, Model 480768Alltrade 5 Gallon dual tank Air Compressor, Model 480768 [Article]
    ...ade 5 Gallon dual tank Air Compressor, Model 480768 I took apart the pressure regulator so I could replace the unloader, which was leaking air. When I removed the 4 screws I

  6. Kawasaki 21.6v Three in One Box Model # 840555Kawasaki 21.6v Three in One Box Model # 840555 [Article]
    Question: Hello, the battery charger model# 691334 with serial# 0909006159 for my Kawasaki tool set model# 840555 with battery pack model# 691221 serial# 09090029801 and 09090031191, purchas

  7. Need a replacement partNeed a replacement part [Article]
    Question: I have an old Alltrade drill press, Model 1960-D-513N, that I've used for years. Today, when I accidentally over-tightened the clamp screw that locks the table in place, the thread

  8. Battery Charger RecallBattery Charger Recall [Article]
    ...pparently is under recall. I just discovered this and will not be using the unit until I can get a replacement charger. Are the ch

  9. part number neededpart number needed [Article]
    Question: tool: Alltrade 5 gallson twin stack air compressor. model number 480768. part needed: Rubber gasket/seal for oil reservoir. Answer: Via my email I advised you to

  10. Broken ratchetBroken ratchet [Article]
    Question: I have been trying to get help in fixing my broken 1/2" PowerBuilt ratchet. I originally called the 800# on the box that my set came in. The lady that I talked to was very helpful.

  11. Replacement bladesReplacement blades [Article]
    Question: I have an Alltrade Cutzall tool and recently broke the blade. I cannot find a replaceme...

  12. 18v lithium battery18v lithium battery [Article]
    ..., I have a 18 volt Lithium ion battery pack EYS0159, which powers 18 v Tradespro drill. Is there replacement battery pack? Answer: This was answered via my ema

  13. Kawasaki 18v Cordless DrillKawasaki 18v Cordless Drill [Article]
    ...wasaki Cordless Drill uses a 18 v NiCd battery 691757. I'd like to know if it is possible to get a replacement battery? Thanks, Stephan Answer:

  14. kawasaki 5" random orbit sanderkawasaki 5" random orbit sander [Article]
    ...k and loop for model # 691209 sander,can i buy a replacement from alltools ? thanks tom Answer: ...

  15. 648756 Suction Gun648756 Suction Gun [Article]
    ...14. used it once to extract 1/2 pint of motor oil from my engine. i drained the extracted from the tool and stored the tool in the box. i went to use it t

  16. Ability to witshand pressureAbility to witshand pressure [Article]
    Question: Hello, I have owned coil spring compressor number 648627 for some time now, but since I have been using it more latterly my biggest concern is the thickness of the bolts and abili

  17. bottle jackbottle jack [Article]
    Question: hello, i was wondering if there is replacement bottle jack for a power built 1500? these are the other numbers that were on the jack 2006-08 and th20060 79872. if so where can i pu

  18. Smaller Screw Mandrel Thread Size?Smaller Screw Mandrel Thread Size? [Article]
    ...els broke on my Mastergrip 190 pc rotary tool (Item # 573148). I ca...l (Item # 573148). I can't find a replacement screw. WHAT THREAD SI...

  19. Alltrade rotary toolAlltrade rotary tool [Article]
    Question: My rotary tool rubberized coating has become so sticky I can't use it. Is there anythi...

  20. Alltrade Socket Set (119 pieces)   #360327Alltrade Socket Set (119 pieces) #360327 [Article]
    Question: 1) Does your company supply Alltrade Tools to Harbor Freight and Tools stores? 2) Has the above socket set been discontinued within the past 10 years and no longer available? If

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