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  1. Michelin by Alltrade tire pressure guageMichelin by Alltrade tire pressure guage [Article]
    Question: I have a Michelin Tire Pressure gauge (made by Alltrade). I replaced the batteries with brand new ones. The LED lights and the digital panel shows 00.0 psi as it's supposed to do

  2. mastergrip torque wrench airtoolmastergrip torque wrench airtool [Article]
    Question: what are the torque ft/lbs for models 69114 Answer: Thanks for letting me know that you found the info you needed. Carl

  3. plastic cutting bitplastic cutting bit [Article]
    Question: i purchased the 480902 206 Piece Rotary Tool Set which bit will cut out plastic Answer: I apologize for my delay in replying to you via my email. I did reques

  4. replacement bladesreplacement blades [Article]
    ...ion: I own one of your Alltrade 150020 Mini Quick Release Squeeze Knife with 3 Blades. I now need replacement blades. please tell me the exact size that I need and if you sell them, ple

  5. battery fitbattery fit [Article]
    Question: I purchased a replacement power pack (19.2v Kawasaki model 690549) and it does not fit properly on the charger, thus it doesn't recharge. The battery will slide down most of the wa

  6. Mini Utility knife replacement bladesMini Utility knife replacement blades [Article]
    Question: I have the Alltrade 150020 mini utility knife. I can't find replacement blades any where. Is there a specific size or style name that I'm missing when searching online? I have orde

  7. 206 piece Alltrade Rotary Tool (Blue Handle)206 piece Alltrade Rotary Tool (Blue Handle) [Article]
    Question: Hello. Purchased this tool several years ago at Costco. Only now have need to use it....packaging with zip ties - never opened. The blue rotary tool itself

  8. Tie Rod Service Kit (641440)Tie Rod Service Kit (641440) [Article]
    ...ie rod end has a washer whose edges are bent over the bolt shoulders of the tie rod (onto which the tool is designed to fit) to prevent the tie rod from b

  9. warranty on master grip rachet hand toolwarranty on master grip rachet hand tool [Article]
    Question: I have a broken rachet. I want to know your what kind of warranty you have. I search your website and could not find an answer. Are the rachets lifetime warranty like the othe

  10. Battery replacement Battery replacement [Article]
    Question: I can't find battery # 691762 in stores anymore. Is there a replacement that will work with charger 691760 and drill 691761? Answer: This was answered via my email.

  11. warrantywarranty [Article]
    ...spanners? Answer: I have sent your request to our Shanghai office as they are nearer to you for replacement. Thanks f

  12. Batt Drill Kawaski, 19.2 vBatt Drill Kawaski, 19.2 v [Article]
    ...ll and new batteries, you guys are listed as the source on the top tag of the drill. How much are replacement batteries 691762? Answer: This was an

  13. Replacement battery and charger for 19.2V Kawasaki Cordless DrillReplacement battery and charger for 19.2V Kawasaki Cordless Drill [Article]
    ...uestion: Hey! Remember the Kawasaki Cordless Drills recalled because of a faulty rigger? You guys replaced mine (I had two), but my wife "helped" by tossing out the old drill boxes, includi

  14. ReturnsReturns [Article]
    ...Load® 35' Tape Measure that won't retract. I do not have the receipt, how do I return it for a replacement? Answer: This was answered via

  15. rotary toolsrotary tools [Article]
    ... directions on how to use the alltrade 106 piece rotary tool & accessory set. MFG #481017 ITE...

  16. 691221 battery pack recall.691221 battery pack recall. [Article]
    Question: I read the following on Consumer Affairs.com concerning recalled batteries from Alltrade Tools: "Consumers should stop using the recalled battery packs immediately and contact All

  17. Kawasaki Battery Pack RecallKawasaki Battery Pack Recall [Article]
    Question: I inherited tools from my grandfather which included a Kawasaki Model No 690075. It uses battery pack 691034 which was subject to a product recall. Is there a way to determine if t

  18. replacement blades for Trades Pro Squeeze Knife 838013replacement blades for Trades Pro Squeeze Knife 838013 [Article]
    Question: I need a part number where I can purchase replacement blades for a Trades Pro Squeeze Knife 838013. I need them ASAP Kevin Holifield safety manager Kimberly Clark Answer:

  19. belt toolbelt tool [Article]
    Question: I have the belt removal tool number 648629 I am looking for the small extension bar, I ...he small extension bar, I broke mine and I need a replacement. Could you please help. Answer: T...

  20. Powerbuilt 648616 Harmonic Balancer Removal/Installer Kit #45Powerbuilt 648616 Harmonic Balancer Removal/Installer Kit #45 [Article]
    Question: From the photos on your web site, it appears this product will work on the vibration damper for a 2001MY Chrysler 3.8 litre engine. Please confirm. Please also confirm that the i

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