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  1. 35' Wide Load tape measure lifetime warranty35' Wide Load tape measure lifetime warranty [Article]
    Question: Don't remember when I bought this, been in my tool box for several or more years. Not used often, but the wide stiff tape is useful when working by self. Spring is broken, can't

  2. warranty on toolswarranty on tools [Article]
    Question: allgrip 7 inch straight jaw pliers broke . can i get a replacement. Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  3. Fold over cable/wire cutter and wire stripperFold over cable/wire cutter and wire stripper [Article]
    Question: I have one of these, blue handle and made out of some silver colour metal, are they still in production as mine are getting a little old, Thanks Rob Answer: Please

  4. life time granteelife time grantee [Article]
    Question: I have a 3/8 ratchet from a All Trade tool set #487-7-59, it has come apart. Is it coteevered under the Life Time grantee. If so can I take it to a local supplier for an exchange

  5. oil sight glassoil sight glass [Article]
    ...n: I have a Trades Pro model 830241 air compressor. The oil sight glass plug broke. I think the replacement part is 480768-24 and the gasket 480768-25. It looks like a 3/4" pipe th

  6. Replacement Part - BrushesReplacement Part - Brushes [Article]
    Question: Good Day I own a Masterhand 691251 Chop Saw. Would like to get replacement Brushes. Can you provide Part Number and source for replacement. Thank you Ashraff Allan Shah A

  7. Alltrade 648995 Kit 65 Air Conditioning Clutch Removal and Installation Tool SetAlltrade 648995 Kit 65 Air Conditioning Clutch Removal and Installation Tool Set [Article]
    Question: Will the removal tool fit Denso AC clutch? Thanks Answer: This was answered via my email. Carl

  8. replacement springsreplacement springs [Article]
    Question: can you buy replacement springs for all trade x2 product code 040025 Answer: This was ansered via my email. Were you able to get the springs? Carl

  9. air compressor parts for 830210 air compressor parts for 830210 [Article]
    ...n: I have a 830210 2hp 4 gallon trades pro air compressor. The regulator valve broke and i need to replace it. where can i find the parts? Answer: This was answe

  10. battery pack compatabilitybattery pack compatability [Article]
    ...t battery pack can be used to substitute for the discontinued Kawaski 21.6 v battery pack for power tools? Can I use the 19.2? Do I need a different charger? thank you

  11. BrokeBroke [Article]
    Question: I was using my Powerbuilt 5mm socket when it split. How do I get a replacement? Thanks Carl. Answer: Via my email I advised you to call customer service. &nbs

  12. replacement wheelsreplacement wheels [Article]
    Question: my customer has the 870113 18" rolling tool bag & needs to replace the wheels. How d...

  13. oscillating tool 691695oscillating tool 691695 [Article]
    Question: need to replace for the oscillating tool 691695 1. angled cutter blade 2. hex bolt 3. fl...

  14. Kawasaki #691314 air impact wrenchKawasaki #691314 air impact wrench [Article]
    ...on: Hello, I have a Kawasaki #691314 air impact wrench which is part of a Kawasaki pneumatic air tool set from Home Depot. I went to use the impact wrench and noticed allot of air is

  15. ball joint presball joint pres [Article]
    ...ress at advance auto and the part that has the threads on it broke. Was wondering how i could get a replacement . I lost my receipt if you could help me i w

  16. Jack handleJack handle [Article]
    Question: I'm looking for a replacement jack handle for a crew line 1500 lb motorcycle lift. Where can I get one? Thanks Tom Answer: This was answered via my email. I h

  17. Replacement batteryReplacement battery [Article]
    Question: Sir, I need replacement baterry for a Kawasaki hand drill. The one I have is the 21.6V 691221. You catalog says the replacement is #841227. I can´t find it nowhere. i live in

  18. Connectors for SnapOn Pressure Washer Model # 870905Connectors for SnapOn Pressure Washer Model # 870905 [Article]
    Question: I want to purchase a plumbing drain cleaning tool to attach to the SnapOn Pressure Washer Model#870905 and need to know which adaptor to get to use with pressure washer. The attac

  19. 6405 set6405 set [Article]
    ...e acquired a large socket set.Unfortunately the 1.15 soccket is missing. Wondering if this could be replaced at minimal cost? Answer: I attempted to answer yo

  20. Battery chargerBattery charger [Article]
    Question: Please type your question here... Search Home Back Forward Reload Print [Advanced Search] Battery and charger recall Question: I see my Kawasaki cordless drill model #840267 is be

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