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  1. The skin of my rotary tool, has excessive tackiness?The skin of my rotary tool, has excessive tackiness? [Article]
    Question: Hi Carl the skin of my ALLTRADE Rotary Tool, has excessive tackiness to a point which I cannot use it without wearing gloves. My question is, how can I remove this tackiness?

  2. Rebuild kit for 620479Rebuild kit for 620479 [Article]
    ...Purchased this very cool jack and then experienced the same lleakdown issue that many others are having. Customer service refunded entire purchase price and I'm grateful but I wan

  3. toolstools [Article]

  4. Powebuilt 641429 kit# 91 strut spring compressorPowebuilt 641429 kit# 91 strut spring compressor [Article]
    Question: Need instruction manual Answer: The instruction card was sent via my email. Did it provide the information you need? Please let me know. Thanks,

  5. Alltrade 2 1/2 ton #689-j-214-caAlltrade 2 1/2 ton #689-j-214-ca [Article]
    Question: I need a diagram to show me where the little balls and springs go as I took things apart trying to get this to work. It became useless in cold weather. I know it can still work but

  6. SpecsSpecs [Article]
    Question: Hello Carol, I am currently a university student and I am in need for some product details. Specially the 2 ton Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack (product # 620479). It is stated onlin

  7. SocketSocket [Article]
    ...stion: This is urgent, need these items as soon as possible. Would you have a 1" drive socket (thin wall) in a 3" and 3-1/8" size. Powerbuilt brand seems to be a possibility. Do you have

  8. Kawasaki Brute Force 20gal/2HP air compressor model 692200Kawasaki Brute Force 20gal/2HP air compressor model 692200 [Article]
    Question: I am looking for a user manual for this model. Is it possible to have a PDF version sent to me? Thank you Answer: The manual was sent via my email. Please ad

  9.  870521 pocket clip 870521 pocket clip [Article]
    Question: hey i use the snap on 870521 everyday but i would like a pocket clip . do yall make a add on or is there a similar model that has it ? Answer: Via my email I advise

  10. Snap-On Kit Sold at CostcoSnap-On Kit Sold at Costco [Article]
    Question: I have a 682303 15G angled nailer and a 692304 18G brad driver that cane packaged as a pair from Costco. Where can I get manuals for these two pneumatics and what specifically are

  11. Charger CompatibilityCharger Compatibility [Article]
    ... battery charger 690072E with adapter 691677 compatible with a 21.6 v battery? I don't want this thing exploding me Answer: Via my email I

  12. Snap-on 691915 air compressor oil level sight glassSnap-on 691915 air compressor oil level sight glass [Article]
    ...r model 691915. It fell on its side and broke the oil level sight glass. Do you have or know where c...ou have or know where can I get this part? Thanks in advance for yo

  13. Air compressorAir compressor [Article]
    Question: Hi there, I'm looking for connecting rod on a HOT ROD air compressor model #647376 Can't find it nowhere in my place ( i'm living in Canada, Saint-Angèle-de-Monnoir, posta

  14. floor jackfloor jack [Article]
    Question: Hello Carl , I am looking for a replacement U Cup seal for a Alltrade 2 ton floor jack , dimensions are metric , 22 mm ID , 40 mm OD and 12 mm thick. do you have that part ?

  15. digital Multi-Meterdigital Multi-Meter [Article]
    Question: wires are junk can not find anywhere to get replacement Answer: Via my email I advised you to call customer service. Were they able to help you? Please

  16. Recall on battery Recall on battery [Article]
    ...ere was never a recall on the 21.6v Battery pack's but there is several different recall website saying other wise here is one of the site's

  17. WarrantyWarranty [Article]
    .../Jack Stands. I have had them four weeks now and only have used them twice. One of the jacks is leaking heavily from the dump valve. H

  18. laser distance measurerlaser distance measurer [Article]
    Question: I am trying to change measured distance from metric to English. I am pressing both red and black buttons at the same time but that does nothing. How do I convert to English units?

  19. Broken air distribution line on NEW compressorBroken air distribution line on NEW compressor [Article]
    Question: Hi, I unboxed my new compressor and found the air distribution line is broken. I've been on hold for almost two hours for parts and service. No one ever picks up. I need help!!!

  20. alltrade 648635 socket setalltrade 648635 socket set [Article]
    ...lltrade 648635 socket set.....Thank.... Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

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