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  1. sna-on 692024 2000 psi electric pressure washersna-on 692024 2000 psi electric pressure washer [Article]
    Question: I am looking to purchase a brass hose coupler nipple that attatches to the motor. Answer: Via my email I advised you to call customer service at 1-800-423-3598 to o

  2. Manual for Snap-On 20 gallons compressor 870765Manual for Snap-On 20 gallons compressor 870765 [Article]
    Question: I bought a compressor from Costco but the manual is missing. Do you have a PDF ? Answer: The manual was sent via my email. Hopefully you received it.

  3. warrantywarranty [Article]
    Question: I own one of your Trades Pro battery operated screwdrivers. I probably have used 10 times. My problem is the one year warranty period has expired and return to place of purchase(O

  4. Kawaski Model # 841128Kawaski Model # 841128 [Article]
    Question: Please provide the following information. This grinder has variable speeds identified as Min., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Max. What is the RPM for each of the aforementioned variable spe

  5. What to replace Compressor with?What to replace Compressor with? [Article]
    Question: Hi, Got a compressor at Kragens in 97 or near that year. Single tank electric, sitting or tool plate on top, wheels... Once I realized it could vibrate headbolts loose and put 3 ba

  6. power washerpower washer [Article]
    Question: I have a model 692024 Alltrade power washer. Looking for parts. The hose reel to be exac. Is it possible to buy parts here? Answer: Please call Alltrade custo

  7. Power steering pulley removerPower steering pulley remover [Article]
    Question: Is there a video or better instruction manual on how to use the powerbuilt power steering pulley remover/install kit? Part number is 648605 Thank you, Joshua Baker Answ

  8. Kawasaki Drill recall replacementKawasaki Drill recall replacement [Article]
    Question: Hi I own a Kawasaki drill that was recalled, model 691761 serial number 11040-14066. How do I get a replacement for my drill. Answer: This was answered via m

  9. Model 480578 jack helpModel 480578 jack help [Article]
    Question: thank you "Carl". Brother gave me the aluminum 480578 jack. He thought his employees had worn it out playing with it. Very soon after receipt I twisted the handle and it worked

  10. Defective drillDefective drill [Article]
    ... model 691220, has gone bad. I want a replacement please. Answer: Via my email I requested more information about the age of your drill. I have been

  11. Socket organizerSocket organizer [Article]
    ...n like the Dr Master Socket set-metric? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  12. pressure washerpressure washer [Article]
    Question: Do you a digital copy of the Snap-on 2000 psi electric pressure washer instruction manual could not find it listed. it is component 692024 Rev date 01/11/16. Thanks Tom

  13. Alltade 500 watt worklightAlltade 500 watt worklight [Article]
    Question: Hi, I need a new bulb for a Alltrade 500 watt work light (the yellow one) where can I find one? thanks Answer: This was answered via my email. Glad you were

  14. VDE certificateVDE certificate [Article]
    Question: We have ordered your Plier set with model no. COT0070, can you please provide the VDE 1000V certificate for us? Thank you! Answer: We have communicated about this v

  15. parts for floor jackparts for floor jack [Article]
    Question: I need a cylinder/pump rebuilt kit for my floor jack that was purchased at Priceclub before they became Costco(if i remember right). The identification decal is damaged .It is a 3

  16. Kawasaki 19.2V ChargerKawasaki 19.2V Charger [Article]
    ...he 19.2v Kawasaki slide on battery part number 840046. I need just the charger for that item. According to my battery the charger part number is 691557

  17. Owner's manualOwner's manual [Article]
    Question: I bought a combination dial caliper & micrometer with a wood storage box. I need the manual for this please.. I can send pics if needed. Thank you, Phil Bennedum 843-241-7525

  18. model 835543 compressormodel 835543 compressor [Article]
    Question: motor runs....it's blowing air out thru the intake...melted the plastic air filter housing Answer: Via my email I asked if your compressor was pressurizing at all.&

  19. Replacement battery pack/charger Kawasaki 961221Replacement battery pack/charger Kawasaki 961221 [Article]
    Question: A buddy on mine has a Kawasaki power tool set that uses the 21.6 V 691221 battery pack and charger. He bought it used and it did not include a charger. Will any of the other Kawasa

  20. kawasaki 12 volt tire drillkawasaki 12 volt tire drill [Article]
    Question: were can I find a dealer to fix my impact drill for tires to fix the wire. it has come away from the drill on the end. closet to the drill. thanks Shawn Morris Answer:

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