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  1. Comparison of Powerbuilt All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack StandComparison of Powerbuilt All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand [Article]
    ... Powerbuilt 620471 and 640912? The only differences I see is price and decals. Why the differences in price? Answer: Sorry for

  2. Model 870905 Pressure Washer.Model 870905 Pressure Washer. [Article]
    Question: I am missing a part which was lost. In front of the handle of my spray gun there is a connection for a pressure washer hose. The hose is connected to the handle with a small metal

  3. Air compressorAir compressor [Article]
    Question: I have a trades pro 25 gal 5 hp and i proke the valve on the bottom that let moisture out what is this valve called Answer: It is called a petcock. If y

  4. Snap-on pressure washer 642672 non startSnap-on pressure washer 642672 non start [Article]
    Question: I've only used this a couple times, but now when I plug it in there's no action whatsoever. No noise, no pump charge, nothing. I've reset the GFCI plug, I've confirmed there's po

  5. Battery RecallBattery Recall [Article]
    ...my power tool, I noticed that I have 2 batteries and 1 charger that have been recalled. I was wondering what steps I had to tak

  6. 20 Gal Air Compressor20 Gal Air Compressor [Article]
    ...ion: Just bought this unit. Doesn't have enough oil to put into engine for break-in procedure. It ...

  7. kawasaki bruteforce air compressor user manual model 692200kawasaki bruteforce air compressor user manual model 692200 [Article]
    Question: Hi, I cant find my user manual. Could you please email me one? Thank-you Answer: Please let me know if you received the manual I emailed to you and if you were abl

  8. AllTrade Socket caseAllTrade Socket case [Article]
    Question: I have a large, plastic case that holds sockets and drill bits. The case has cracked and not really usable. How may I get another case? Thanks! Answer: Via my email

  9. Rotary Tool  Serial 0512148772Rotary Tool Serial 0512148772 [Article]
    Question: Hello, I have the tool of the subject and it stopped working. Which is most frequent problem? Switch, wire, speed control? Can you send a graph indicating parts in case I have to o

  10. Pressure regulatorPressure regulator [Article]
    ... have a hot rod s series compressor # 647376 My pressure regulator valve came out and i cant twist in like before,

  11. Powercraft batteriesPowercraft batteries [Article]
    Question: Looking for stockists in Ireland of Batteries Art. No. STDG113 AT-1805G, 18volt for Power Craft drill Answer: Via my email I advised that Power Craft is not an Allt

  12. Kawasaki 19.2 Battery Replacement Kawasaki 19.2 Battery Replacement [Article]
    Question: I need to replace a 19,2 Kawasaki Battery 691240 , what would be a replacement? Also do I need to get a new charger for the replacement? Thanks Answer: I answe

  13. surface cleanersurface cleaner [Article]
    Question: Is there a surface cleaner available for snap-on 200 psi electric pressure washer? e8fvxc Answer: I believe that I answered this question for you via my email. 

  14. 160015 25’ x 1-5/8” Wide Load® Tape Measure160015 25’ x 1-5/8” Wide Load® Tape Measure [Article]
    ...e listed under your support tab sub folder "where to buy" and none of them show the product I'm looking to acquire (item# 160015 tape measure)

  15. oil capacity oil capacity [Article]
    Question: changing oil on 2700 psi pressure washer and looking for refill capacity on 7hp xt 210...

  16. useuse [Article]
    Question: I never used a vacuum pump kit before to test a chain saw to test for leaks or on carburetor. do you have a how to use on this kit. Answer: I realize that this is

  17. warrantywarranty [Article]
    Question: I bought an Alltrade socket set back in the 90s. It came with a lifetime warranty. My 12mm socket broke yesterday. How do I get it replaced? Thank you. Answer:

  18. Fwd bearing removal toolFwd bearing removal tool [Article]
    Question: I have the bearing removal tool It has severed me well I was interested to know if the screw and nut could be purchased seperate and if so where. I have had the tool for two ye

  19. Kawasaki cordless Drill Model# 840128 recallKawasaki cordless Drill Model# 840128 recall [Article]
    Question: I see my Kawasaki cordless drill model # 840128 is being recalled. What do I need to do ? Regards, Adam Answer: This was answered via my email. Did you get t

  20. Snapon stapler 4 in one 692175Snapon stapler 4 in one 692175 [Article]
    Question: Desperate to find compatible staples for this electric stapler. They are all to large to fit loader. Please please assist me. I have a manual gun but this one is far easier to use.

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