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  1. Twin Stackl Air ComkpressorTwin Stackl Air Comkpressor [Article]
    Question: I have the subject compressor that will not turn on. the manual says yhe motor overload switch has tripped. It also says I am to press motor thermal overload button (red), where

  2. 21.6V vs. 19.2V Tools21.6V vs. 19.2V Tools [Article]
    Question: I own a 21.6V Kawasaki Combo Tools Set. My batteries don't hold a charge as long as they used to and now my charger has gone out. I contacted AllTrade about a new charger and they

  3. Snap-on Ratcheting Tie-Downs recallSnap-on Ratcheting Tie-Downs recall [Article]
    Questioon: Can you let me know where the recall information is for the Snap-on Ratcheting Tie-Downs are? Thank you, -Todd Answer: Via my email I referred you to customer s

  4. Sams - Snap On 4 Pack Ratchet Straps RecallSams - Snap On 4 Pack Ratchet Straps Recall [Article]
    ...call. I have a set of the defective ratches and have seen first hand that they do fail. I cannot find the link on your website that

  5. part needed part needed [Article]
    ...un that goes with the 870591 snapon pressure washer. the part is the cap nut that holds down the spring/ball assembly inside the gun. It is brass and has an o

  6. Small (Yellow handled) Dual-headed pliersSmall (Yellow handled) Dual-headed pliers [Article]
    Question: Mine, which I dearly love, just disassembled themselves. I have all the pieces (4 washers, two handles, the plier head and the two pieces of the pin that holds everything together

  7. 19.2v drill replacement battery19.2v drill replacement battery [Article]
    ...attery 840045 work with charger 690072? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  8. How to contact Alltrade tools How to contact Alltrade tools [Article]
    Question: Hi Carl, Maybe you can help me. I have tried to contact the parts department or anyone for that matter to purchase a replacement part for my 2000 PSI Pressure washer. I have lef

  9. Kawasaki 691221 battery recallKawasaki 691221 battery recall [Article]
    Question: yes have just now been trying to use the drill and battery packs as i am disabled and most of the time i am unable to do anything that requires fine motor coordination and/or heavy

  10. partsparts [Article]
    ...t/dry shop model #841976 vacuum cleaner Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  11. Powerbuilt 648477 questionPowerbuilt 648477 question [Article]
    ...two part question, first off I work for the U.S military as a mechanic and our shop is possibly looking at purchasing your tools. Second is my question about your Powerb

  12. Replacement PartsReplacement Parts [Article]
    ...f you sell replacement Snap on Pressure Washer Gun? The model # is 870905. The gun/sprayer is leaking water and the connection appears to be bad. A

  13. Fumes from Alltrade Strap WrenchesFumes from Alltrade Strap Wrenches [Article]
    Question: When I received the two Alltrade Strap Wrenches, the first thing I noticed was the very strong solvent voc smell that seems to be coming from the black strap. Is there anything I c

  14. Title 20Title 20 [Article]
    Question: My mom bought a 19.2v Kawasaki drill this week. She is a very green minded person and can not find that this tool is CA Title 20 compliant. Do cordless drills need to be title 20

  15. Snbap On Ratchet strapsSnbap On Ratchet straps [Article]
    Question: I purchased a 4 pack fro Sam's Club in Huntsville. They have been a piece of junk. I received a letter 5/2/16 telling me that you issued a recall. I contacted the number and was to

  16. Kawasaki battery & charger recallKawasaki battery & charger recall [Article]
    Question: I have Kawasaki drill battery 691235 and charger 690072, are these items included in the recalls? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking,

  17. fuel resistancefuel resistance [Article]
    Question: Purchased box o fsealing washers assortment (#836355). I intend to use rubber washers inside a fuel tank.Will these washers resist to permanent fuel contact. Answer:

  18. 1871-N-9 pneumatic Brad nailer1871-N-9 pneumatic Brad nailer [Article]
    ...iler model 1871-N-9. It has cease to fire. After I disassembled the piston and drive I found the o rings were in good condition but 2 nylon bushings have disinteg

  19. preasure test kit #70preasure test kit #70 [Article]
    ...estion: Hello. I purchased your test kit #70 and I have many ford trucks, f250 through f650 all using the same de-gas bottle. I want to know if you sell an adapter that threads onto the bo

  20. Snap-on 1650 PSI Electric Pressure WasherSnap-on 1650 PSI Electric Pressure Washer [Article]
    Question: My pressure washer kicks on and off and will not maintain a steady stream of water. The motor cycles on and off repeatedly. Answer: Were you able to try the sugges

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