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  1. Laser measureLaser measure [Article]
    Question: I have the Mastergrip Laser Measure a... wondering if there is a downloadable manual and a...loadable manual and also how to change from meters...

  2. Snap-On 15gauge Angled Brad nailsSnap-On 15gauge Angled Brad nails [Article]
    ...On 15g brad nailer from Costco in 2016. I cannot find a source for ... 2016. I cannot find a source for the 15g angled brad nails for thi...rad nails for this Air Nailer Can you te

  3. Battery for Kawasaki 690075 DrillBattery for Kawasaki 690075 Drill [Article]
    ...estion: Are replacement batteries available for the Kawasaki 690075/3076022 drill? Thanks. Answ...

  4. defective flashlightdefective flashlight [Article]
    ...Just purchased a Snap-On flashlight for Xmas. It does not work. How do I get it replaced? Answer... Answer: This was answered via my email. Were you able to get your

  5. Pulley puller kitPulley puller kit [Article]
    ...nted a pulley puller kit the 20 kit and I was just...just wondering which one do I use because I have a...Ford Taurus 2007 3.1 and how do I use it Answer:...

  6. strap; wrenchstrap; wrench [Article]
    Question: I Have a large strap wrench purchased a few years ago from Ace hardware and the strap has broken ...can I get a new one...seems a shame to throw away the whole wrench...thanks, Jim

  7. Air plus air hammerAir plus air hammer [Article]
    ... hammering, regardless of air pressure. Many years old, but this is really first use. Air comes out the front of tool continuesly, no hammer action. Opened up too

  8. compressor oilcompressor oil [Article]
    ... 691915 or 870765. what type of oil is needed for the compressor? 5PH 20 Gal Answer: Via my ema...

  9. Sn6ap On 87090 Pressure WasherSn6ap On 87090 Pressure Washer [Article]
    ...sing detergent mode. When using it in this mode, does the washer pull the detergent directly from t...

  10. Trades pro 9.6v oscillating toolTrades pro 9.6v oscillating tool [Article]
    ... trades pro 9.6 oscillating tool. After first use the head of the piece comes out slightly and then ... head of the piece comes out slightly and then it doesn't function right. The head which holds the b...

  11. 3/8 air racket wrench3/8 air racket wrench [Article]
    Question: Hello, I sent a message to the customer support and I have no return Answer: We hav... no return Answer: We have corresponded about your ratchet via my email. Has your ratchet probl...

  12. Battery chargerBattery charger [Article]
    ...507 that came with my drill kit. Where can I find a replacement? Answer: Via my email I advised you to call customer service.&n

  13. Kawasaki Brute Force 27-Gal. Air Compressor 841844sKawasaki Brute Force 27-Gal. Air Compressor 841844s [Article]
    Question; Hello, Bought a Kawasaki Brute Force 27-Gal. Air Compressor 841844s today and am looking for an owners manual as it did not come with one. How or where can I obtain one? Please

  14. Alltrade 480578Alltrade 480578 [Article]
    Question: Is there a rebuild kit for this floor jack. It had har...led. It is leaking at the main piston. I need to try and replace al...

  15. 21.6 batteries21.6 batteries [Article]
    Question: I have two batteries Ser,# 691221 which I believe have been recalled. They have seldom ...

  16. Part...where to buyPart...where to buy [Article]
    ...lease tell me where I can buy "840226 205 Piece Rotary Tool Accesso...y Set". I've tried to locote from the sources on your web site. Non...

  17. SDS SheetSDS Sheet [Article]
    Question: I'm looking for the MSDS Sheet for "19.2 V NICd Replac...V NICd Replacement Battery" Would you happen to have this informati...

  18. InstructionsInstructions [Article]
    Question: Please send the instructions for replacing the batteri...placing the batteries in the 870452 multi tool/flashlight. Thanks ...hlight. Thanks Answer: Please let me know if the instruction ca...

  19. battery packsbattery packs [Article]
    Question: Hi Carl, Are you able to supply battery pack for ALLTRADE rechargeable sander model # ...k for ALLTRADE rechargeable sander model # 801-S-72? Answer: Via my email I suggested that you l...

  20. batterys too weakbatterys too weak [Article]
    Question: where can I find replacement batterys for my 21.6 kawasaki drill. I bought it at Costco in Nova Scotia, Canada. The batterys have a power life of about 15 minutes. thanks, Al

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