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  1. Pressure washer partsPressure washer parts [Article]
    ... I bought a pressure washer from Menards that has your name on it and snap on. Model: 692024 Serial...

  2. Powerbuilt Cooling System Tester KitPowerbuilt Cooling System Tester Kit [Article]
    Question: I haven't used the tester for some time and today it won't build up any pressure. The pump handle has no back pressure and seems to be loose inside the barrel. I opened the pump

  3. Snap-On Electrice Power WasherSnap-On Electrice Power Washer [Article]
    ...hased a Snap-On Power Washer at an auction and it doesn't work. Waster comes out in places it shoul...k. Waster comes out in places it should not. Do you have owners manual for this devise. Model 8709...

  4. Parts breakdownParts breakdown [Article]
    ...looking for a parts breakdown for the Team Mechani... 410715 please and thank you Answer: This was an...

  5. Pressure washer Pressure washer [Article]
    Question: I need the inlet elbow and a wand.can you help me. Answ...

  6. Comparison of Powerbuilt All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack StandComparison of Powerbuilt All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand [Article]
    Question: What is the differences between Powerbuilt 620471 and 640912? The only differences I see ...

  7. Model 870905 Pressure Washer.Model 870905 Pressure Washer. [Article]
    Question: I am missing a part which was lost. In front of the handle of my spray gun there is a connection for a pressure washer hose. The hose is connected to the handle with a small metal

  8. Air compressorAir compressor [Article]
    Question: I have a trades pro 25 gal 5 hp and i proke the valve on...roke the valve on the bottom that let moisture out what is this val...

  9. Snap-on pressure washer 642672 non startSnap-on pressure washer 642672 non start [Article]
    Question: I've only used this a couple times, but now when I plug it in there's no action whatsoever. No noise, no pump charge, nothing. I've reset the GFCI plug, I've confirmed there's po

  10. Battery RecallBattery Recall [Article]
    ...estion: Hello, When I did a search to get a new battery for my power tool, I noticed that I have 2 batteries and 1 charger that have been recalled. I was wondering what steps I had to tak

  11. 20 Gal Air Compressor20 Gal Air Compressor [Article]
    ...eak-in procedure. It only reaches the bottom of the red dot in wind...n window. Not enuf oil to run for 20 min. Start

  12. kawasaki bruteforce air compressor user manual model 692200kawasaki bruteforce air compressor user manual model 692200 [Article]
    ...I cant find my user manual. Could you please email me one? Thank-y...ne? Thank-you Answer: Please let me know if you received the m...

  13. Kawasaki Brute Force 20Gal 2HP Air Compressor #692200Kawasaki Brute Force 20Gal 2HP Air Compressor #692200 [Article]
    ...stion: Please send me a copy of the User Manual. Answer: The ...al was sent via my email. Please let me know if you received it. ...

  14. AllTrade Socket caseAllTrade Socket case [Article]
    ...ase that holds sockets and drill bits. The case has cracked and not really usable. How may I get another case? Thanks! Answer: Via my email

  15. Rotary Tool  Serial 0512148772Rotary Tool Serial 0512148772 [Article]
    Question: Hello, I have the tool of the subject and it stopped working. Which is most frequent pr...requent problem? Switch, wire, speed control? Can you send a graph indicating parts in case I have t...

  16. Pressure regulatorPressure regulator [Article]
    Question: Hi, i nees to order a parts bit i dont know which item number ! I have a hot rod s series compressor # 647376 My pressure regulator valve came out and i cant twist in like before,

  17. Powercraft batteriesPowercraft batteries [Article]
    Question: Looking for stockists in Ireland of Batteries Art. No. STDG113 AT-1805G, 18volt for Power Craft drill Answer: Via my email I advised that Power Craft is not an Allt

  18. Kawasaki 19.2 Battery Replacement Kawasaki 19.2 Battery Replacement [Article]
    ...uestion: I need to replace a 19,2 Kawasaki Battery 691240 , what...hat would be a replacement? Also do I need to get a new charger fo...o I need to get a new charger for the replacement? Thanks Answ...

  19. surface cleanersurface cleaner [Article]
    Question: Is there a surface cleaner available for snap-on 200 p...that I answered this question for you via my email. 

  20. 160015 25’ x 1-5/8” Wide Load® Tape Measure160015 25’ x 1-5/8” Wide Load® Tape Measure [Article]
    ...rious sites that are listed under your support tab sub folder "wher...folder "where to buy" and none of them show the product I'm looking...

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