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  1. Floor jackFloor jack [Article]
    Question: I have an older two ton garage jack. I can see no leaks, but the last time I used it just gave away and will not lift. I have replaced theborings. I assume the leak is iin the ram somewh

  2. lift jacklift jack [Article]
    Question: the triple lift jack can hold suv car Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  3. Triple Lift JackTriple Lift Jack [Article]
    I'm curious what the warranty is on your Triple Lift Jack.

  4. Alltrade hydraulic jack rebuild partsAlltrade hydraulic jack rebuild parts [Article]
    Hi Carl, Its and 2.25 ton hydraulic jack. You pump it and the carraige moves but doesn't hold. We pulled the valve and plastic pieces poured out. Do you have a rebuild kit? Regards, John White

  5. floorjack alltrade mod#480378floorjack alltrade mod#480378 [Article]
    what is the correct way to bleed air from this jack?

  6. Dremyl Type toolDremyl Type tool [Article]
    i purchased two of your Dremel type tool sets, why are the jackets on the tool sticky and melting, one i had nevr ever used aqnd was still packaged and it too is melting

  7. #547530 Powerbuilt floor jack#547530 Powerbuilt floor jack [Article]
    I do not have an owners manual for this product. Where can I get a copy of this manual? My jack has been leaking from the slotted plug in the cylinder between the handle and the lifting arm and when I...

  8. 2.5. ton jack 689-281J ca2.5. ton jack 689-281J ca [Article]
    Hi, My jack will not raise when cold about 35 degrees or less. Id like instructions to repair o ring or add oil. Thanks

  9. TripleLift Floor Jack DimensionsTripleLift Floor Jack Dimensions [Article]
    ...e height, in the down position of the triple lift floor jack. I don't see that info anywhere on your...

  10. Aluminum floorjack 480578Aluminum floorjack 480578 [Article]
    leaking oil from unknown location. lifts to certain point and will not lift vehicle. Is this repairable? I saw similar posts on your website, but there were no answers. Thanks.

  11. powerbuilt triple jack problempowerbuilt triple jack problem [Article]
    my 2 ton floor jack will not stay up. it will lift whatever I need lifted, but after a few hours th...

  12. 2 ton jack2 ton jack [Article]
    do you have suppliers in Toronto Ontario Canada I need contact information

  13. alltrade trade pro floor jackalltrade trade pro floor jack [Article]
    My dad bought a alltrade trade pro aluminum floor jack from some tool store and it recently quit on ...

  14. partpart [Article]
    the wheel broke off my model 691-J-3-FH jack how can i replace this

  15. warranty on bottle jackswarranty on bottle jacks [Article]
    what is your warranty on these ?

  16. 6 ton Hydraulic jack6 ton Hydraulic jack [Article]
    How do I fill a 651-J-6 with new fluid?

  17. Alltrade Aluminum FloorjackAlltrade Aluminum Floorjack [Article]
    I need information on rebuild parts for my floor jack i purchased from Costco. Seems the seals are ...

  18. 2 ton alltrade floor jack (aluminum)2 ton alltrade floor jack (aluminum) [Article]
    seems to be leaking fluid will not raise beyond a certain point.

  19. 480578480578 [Article]
    I have talked to Ron today about my jack.. I need the service manuel for my alltrade aluminum jack #480578 when it is under presure it leaks fluid.. I would like to know and see how to bleed the air ...

  20. Motorcycle Jack, 1500 LbMotorcycle Jack, 1500 Lb [Article]
    The last time I tried to use this jack when I raised it to maximum height and tried to lower it, it only dropped 1 or 2 inches and froze in that position. I can raise it back up that couple of inches...

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