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  1. WarrantyWarranty [Article]
    Hello Carl and I purchased (4) model 640912 3 ton all in one truck lift jacks. I registered one so far and would like to know how to register the other (3).

  2. need a wheelneed a wheel [Article]
    I have a 3 ton "all trade professional" floor jack. The only model I can read is Load Buster. I need...

  3. 2 piece Floorfjack handle assy2 piece Floorfjack handle assy [Article]
    Dear Nancy, I was wondering if you had a chance to check with someone in regards to the two piece handle for the Floor Jack I have been tring to get. This is exactley what happened to me a cou...

  4. Powerbuilt Triple Lift 4500 won't lower all the wayPowerbuilt Triple Lift 4500 won't lower all the way [Article]
    My Triple Lift jack won't go all the way down. Is there an adjustment or way to take it all the way down? Probably has another 3" to go to where I think it should bottom out.

  5. 480578480578 [Article]
    ... can I get the instructions/manual for the 480578 floor jack? Mine is the fill and breath screw one ...

  6. PowerBuilt 4000lb Triple Lift Floor JackPowerBuilt 4000lb Triple Lift Floor Jack [Article]
    I purchased the PowerBuilt 4000lb Triple Lift Floor Jack from Peps Boys in Nashua, NH yesterday 12-5-2012 and have not taken it out of the box because oil has leaked through the box presumably from th...

  7. Powerbuilt Triple Lift Jack - Riding Lawn mowerPowerbuilt Triple Lift Jack - Riding Lawn mower [Article]
    Can you explain how this lift can be used to raise a riding lawn mower (lawn tractor)? There is a this Mo-Jack lift system I have also seen and I am curious how this product can also lift a tractor. ...

  8. 480578 Jack480578 Jack [Article]
    1. Where can I find a manual for this jack? 2. The jack has two straight slot screws, and two Allen head screws near each other. Which do I add fluid to? How do I bleed? Thanks

  9. 2.25 ton hydraulic garage jack adding oil2.25 ton hydraulic garage jack adding oil [Article]
    I have an Alltrade 2.25 ton hydraulic garage jack model number 662-J-2. When it gets loaded it only advances at the end of the stroke. I think I need to add oil, but when I took the plug out it look...

  10. floor jackfloor jack [Article]
    My All-Trade floor jack filler plug has gone missing and it pukes fluid all over the garage floor.Wh...

  11. Powerbuilt Jack 6000 Lb Model 620471Powerbuilt Jack 6000 Lb Model 620471 [Article]
    I found this Jack/Stand POWERBUILT 620471 on the powerbuilt catalog, but I could not find the same on the ALLTRADE website. Where can I buy the Powerbuilt 620471, and how much does this cost ? W...

  12. 2 ton aluminum floor jack2 ton aluminum floor jack [Article]
    I need the instructions on how to bleed this floor jack.

  13. Car Jack model #835096Car Jack model #835096 [Article]
    I have lost the handle for my Trades Pro car jack model #835096. Is it possible to buy another handle?

  14. Triple lift mc/atv/auto #940855Triple lift mc/atv/auto #940855 [Article]
    I received this jack as a gift from my son who ordered two. The jack seems ok but the bolt that holds the handle in the yoke was missing. Could you email me the size of the bolt so I can buy one.

  15. floor jack won't stay up.floor jack won't stay up. [Article]
    ...be helpful. It is an alltrade two and a half ton floor jack.

  16. hydrolic jack repair kithydrolic jack repair kit [Article]
    Hi, I have Alltrade 3 ton Garage Jack that doesn't work and need a manual/repair kit if you have. Would you tell me whether I am ablt to repair it or have to take it to a dealer? Thanks

  17. Floor Jack (# 620098-FH)Floor Jack (# 620098-FH) [Article]
    I have an Alltrade 3-Ton floor Jack (# 620098). Where can I get a manual for this Jack. How high can it go without stressing it too much

  18. Model 640912 3-ton Hyd LiftModel 640912 3-ton Hyd Lift [Article]
    hi, I just received this jack. There is nothing to tell me what the release valve is or the locking lever. I have never used one of these and I don't know where this stuff is. Do you have a "Hydr...

  19. Bottle JackBottle Jack [Article]
    My Jack is loww on oil or fluid--what kind should I use?

  20. jackjack [Article]
    I have a 2 ton double pump jack that leaks down model #480578 s/n FH0405 4494 is there a repair kit avail. for it if so how much

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