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  1. 2 ton aluminum jack has  stopped lifting2 ton aluminum jack has stopped lifting [Article]
    I have model 480578, and built a Lotus Super 7 with it! Now, I use the jack to change from street tires to slicks, and it stopped lifting, making a "chirp" with each handle stroke. I purchased a bot...

  2. Jack rebuild kitJack rebuild kit [Article]
    I was wondering if there was a rebuild kit for my jack. The model number is 691-j-3-fh. Don't know how old the jack is. Thanks

  3. Floor jackFloor jack [Article]
    I'm looking for two (2) O-rings for my floor jack it's about 30 yrs old, the model # on the jack is ...

  4. Powerbuilt Floor Jack Model #647528Powerbuilt Floor Jack Model #647528 [Article]
    The Powerbuilt Jack Model #647528 no longer lifts more than about 8". I have gone through the steps to purge air and have checked the oil level with no improvement. There is a large screw with a smal...

  5. Bleeder screw for 647530 3 1/2 ton floor jack Bleeder screw for 647530 3 1/2 ton floor jack [Article]
    My jack will not move up continuously. While pumping it upward, it starts to go up but then drops slightly at each pump. Is there air in it? Where is the bleeder screw located? The O-rings on both th...

  6. Floor Jack 2 tonFloor Jack 2 ton [Article]
    Alltrade 2 ton floor jack M no. 662-J-2 S.N. J2983 Jack go down under load.


  8. Floor Jack IssueFloor Jack Issue [Article]
    I have a Team Mechanixs 2.5 Ton Floor Jack (#41071?) that needs a Hydraulic Cylinder fill cap and I am unable to find one for it. Help?

  9. Powerbuilt 4000 lb. Triple Lift Floor Jack Leaking oil Powerbuilt 4000 lb. Triple Lift Floor Jack Leaking oil [Article]
    ... pepboys couple of months ago and used 4-5 times with my car. Now It started leaking oil on garage floor and not lifting cars anymore. 1. How

  10. 2 ton low profile jack powerbuilt2 ton low profile jack powerbuilt [Article]
    i have the powerbuilt 2 ton jack it stopped working were do i put the jack oil in at? I need my jack its the only ive found that is low enough to get under my truck

  11.  triplelift 3000 lbs triplelift 3000 lbs [Article]
    I just purchased a triplelift 3000 lbs. auto/motorcycle/ATV jack and having a problem trying to lift my Harley. Would you please forward me directions on how to achive this. Thanks Bob

  12. MSDSMSDS [Article]
    Hello there: one of my shop employees found the warning label on the 640751 40" Floor Creeper and asked me to find out more about the Cancer warning. I am assuming this is in regards to Proposition 65...

  13. 2 Ton Floor Jack2 Ton Floor Jack [Article]
    I have an Alltrade 2 Ton Floor Jack Model 480578. Recently when trying to jack up my car the jack will go up when I pump but once it gets weight on it it no longer raises when pumping. The fluid level...

  14. Alltrade 640808 / 2 1/2 ton floor jackAlltrade 640808 / 2 1/2 ton floor jack [Article]
    How do I add jack oil to this jack? I let someone use it and they took out the fill plug to add oil, and now it doesn't work.

  15. Motorcylce jackMotorcylce jack [Article]
    Hi Carl I hve a mtorcycle jack model 640753 2008-04 and it not work wont go up just 2 inch and i pump and not working Do you have any warranty on the hydrolique pump I have buy that at Canadian ti...

  16. parts replacement and identificationparts replacement and identification [Article]
    Hello info, I received a floor jack from my dad this past weekend but it's missing parts, obvious...

  17. Rebuild Kit for Garage JackRebuild Kit for Garage Jack [Article]
    Hi, I have an AllTrade 2 ton hydraulic garage floor jack tha I purchased some time ago Model FR200 ...

  18. Floor Jack 480578Floor Jack 480578 [Article]
    Jack purchased from Harbor Freight. Had a bit of leakage so serviced far right port on head of jack with about 3oz of oil. After service jack would lift with pumping but as soon a a load was on it s...

  19. Floor Jack RepairFloor Jack Repair [Article]
    I have a 480578 aluminum floor jack that is leaking hydraulic fluid and does not fully extend. Can y...

  20. 3 ton floor jack3 ton floor jack [Article]
    my floor jack leaks. can i buy a new hydraulic cyclinder and just swap out the old one?

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