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  1. Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack [Article]
    Question: Is this strong enough to use to change tires when loaded with antique car? Do I need to order anything else to go with this? Is this product made in the USA if not where?

  2. unijackunijack [Article]
    Question: The u nijack is a great idea. But with 8 5/8" clearance it won' work on small/compact cars with about 1" less ground clearance. Do you see a unijack in production for those of us

  3. your item #941199 (boroscope)your item #941199 (boroscope) [Article]
    Question: Could you please advise: 1. if this Digital Inspection Videoscope has any degree of magnification on the image displayed on the screen? Also 2. is the resolution of the digital

  4. 2 ton bottle jack2 ton bottle jack [Article]
    ... I have a motorcycle carrier/lift that incorporates your former product "TEAM MECHANIX 2 ton bottle jack" in its design. The jack needs to be replaced but I believe it is branded n

  5. Powerbuilt Unijack - 4000 LbPowerbuilt Unijack - 4000 Lb [Article]
    Question: Do you know where I can get a user manual for the 2 Ton Powerbuilt Unijack I recently purchased? Thanks, -Jay Answer: As you know the manual was sent via my

  6. triplelift floorjacktriplelift floorjack [Article]
    Question: In may I recieved the triple lift floorjack as a gift. At the time I thought it was the b...

  7. floor jack 480578floor jack 480578 [Article]
    ...r load it will only lift at the very end of the stroke. Can you tell me how to fill and bleed this jack. Also is there a reseal ki

  8. Warranty on Triplelift 4000 lb JackWarranty on Triplelift 4000 lb Jack [Article]
    Question: What is the warranty on the Triple Lift Hydraulic Jack 4000 Lb by Powerbuilt #620422 and where do they service the warranty? Answer: Sorry for the delay in an

  9. bottle jackbottle jack [Article]
    Question: i have the 410715 engine lift and the bottle jack for it stopped working i have taken it apart but cannot find anything wrong with it but it still will not raise the arm. can you

  10. Alltrade Model 480578 Floor JackAlltrade Model 480578 Floor Jack [Article]
    Question: The jack cylinder bleeds off while in use. Is there a rebuild kit available? Also, I need a jack handle for the same. Thanks. Answer: This was answered via my

  11. bottlejack model number 620470bottlejack model number 620470 [Article]
    Question: where is the inspection plate referred to in the instruction manual for the jack. Answer: This was answered via my email. Carl

  12. Add oil to floor jackAdd oil to floor jack [Article]
    Question: Alltrade 2 ton floor jack model 480578. Which plug do I remove to add oil? Answer: This...

  13. triple job 4000 jacktriple job 4000 jack [Article]
    Question: I bought this jack a year ago. Didn't use it much because I live in Quebec and it was fall. It was stored in my basement shop and not in the garage so it wouldn't rust. Now this

  14. 2 Ton Team Mechanix Floor Jack and Jack Stand set Model 4100492 Ton Team Mechanix Floor Jack and Jack Stand set Model 410049 [Article]
    Question: My floor jack in this set will not hold a load...I do believe I have busted some sort of ...

  15. Powerbuilt (Canadian Tire) Farm Jack User's manualPowerbuilt (Canadian Tire) Farm Jack User's manual [Article]
    Question: Bought this a year or 2 ago. Used it once or twice to adjust the dock in the lake, but can't find the instructions nor figure out how to switch from Down back to Lift mode. Call me

  16. powerbuilt motorcycle jack #640753powerbuilt motorcycle jack #640753 [Article]
    Question: my jack seems to have bleed out won't go up and higher . how do you fix it ? Answer: Were you able to try the troubleshooting suggestions; did they help? &nbs

  17. car jackcar jack [Article]
    Question: Powerbuilt620422EHeavyDuty4000lbTripleLiftJackbyAlltrade Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  18. Manual for All-in-one 3 ton jack # 640920Manual for All-in-one 3 ton jack # 640920 [Article]
    Question: I would appreciate it very much if I can obtain a manual for the 3 ton jack model number 640920 Answer: I found out from our engineer that the model number yo

  19. Alltrade service jackAlltrade service jack [Article]
    Question: I have an Alltrade service jack (3 ton Model #620098) that will not lift ore than a few inches and slowly lowers from that postion. I have checked the oil level and it appears to

  20. User Manual for Model 480578User Manual for Model 480578 [Article]
    Question: I am looking for the user manual and any repair instructions for a Model 480578 AllTrade Floor Jack (serial # FH05021261). Jack fluid has leaked and need to find O-ring size, where

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