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  1. Kawasaki Sticky ToolsKawasaki Sticky Tools [Article]
    Question: Carl, Help, I’m getting desperate in Dallas. We have 3 large sets of Kawasaki tools that are all suffering from the sticky black handle issue plaguing Kawasaki tools owners

  2. location of oil fill plug for Alltrade aluminum jack #480578location of oil fill plug for Alltrade aluminum jack #480578 [Article]
    Question: Could you tell me where the oil fill plug is? My jack is Alltrade 2 ton Aluminum Jack, Model #480578. I can not find that in the manual. Thank you. Answer: I sen

  3. Aluminum Floor JackAluminum Floor Jack [Article]
    Question: Have a 1.5 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack. Model # 640084 Ser.# FH30124134 I could not find it in the lists on the site. It does not lift, goes to the item trying to lift, but when it i

  4. All In One JackAll In One Jack [Article]
    Question: Hi, I just received my all in one jack. Went online to view tutorials, when I saw that you also sell a different model called the Unijack. What is the difference between the 3 To

  5. Crewline 480559 JackCrewline 480559 Jack [Article]
    ...ently picked up a Crewline (or crew line?) 480559 floor jack. it doesn't have a manual and any instr...

  6. Generator ManualGenerator Manual [Article]
    Question: Got a floor model of the Trades Pro 1600w generator but no manual for it. I was having trouble finding it online. Could you by chance send me pdf or a link to a pdf version of the

  7. floor fackfloor fack [Article]
    Question: i have a floor jack and I need to ass oil and bleed the air out. the manual does not sa...

  8. jack needs to be bledjack needs to be bled [Article]
    Question: I have a AllTrade jack model 480995 looking for instructions to bleed and top off fluid. Thank You Al Corcoran 828-894-2337 Answer: I sent you information via my em

  9. 2 1/4 ton Daytona floor jack model 690J2742 1/4 ton Daytona floor jack model 690J274 [Article]
    Question: Need advice on bleeding air from the jack. Will not raise all the way up and feels sponge. Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking,

  10. locate oil filler plug Alltrade Model #480578locate oil filler plug Alltrade Model #480578 [Article]
    ... me know where the oil filler plug is on my 2 ton floor jack? The manual doesn't tell me. Thanks Ger...

  11. Jackstand minimum clearanceJackstand minimum clearance [Article]
    Question: What is the minimum clearance for the "620471 3 Ton Unijack Hydraulic Jackstand" and "620470 2 Ton Unijack Hydraulic Jackstand". Or what are their minimum heights I'd like to con

  12. bottle jackbottle jack [Article]
    Question: hello, i was wondering if there is replacement bottle jack for a power built 1500? these are the other numbers that were on the jack 2006-08 and th20060 79872. if so where can i pu

  13. Hydraulic JackstandsHydraulic Jackstands [Article]
    Question: Whats the difference between part numbers 620471 & 640912? They are both listed as 3Ton? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking,

  14. Alltrade jack 480578Alltrade jack 480578 [Article]
    ...the very end of the stroke and it only goes up half way. Can you tell me how to fill and bleed this jack. Also is there a reseal kit for

  15. jack manualjack manual [Article]
    Question: i need to bleed and add fluid to my crew line jack, model 480559. 1.5 ton jack. Need the manual as I have three holes and not sure which ones I need to use. Thanks. Answer

  16. Model 661-5-2Model 661-5-2 [Article]
    Question: The jack is only going up about 4 inches. Does not appear to be any leaks. Any suggestions on what I should be looking for that might be causing this? Answer: This

  17. powerbuilt unijack powerbuilt unijack [Article]
    Question: What is the difference between model # 640912 and 620471? Answer: Hopefully this has finally been addressed to your satisfaction via my email. (This n

  18. model 87095 pressue washermodel 87095 pressue washer [Article]
    Question: when i add detergent to the chemical tank it leaks out on the floor before i have a chance to start the washer. Answer: When using detergent you must first change t

  19. hydraulic floor jack - parthydraulic floor jack - part [Article]
    Question: hi carl! i've had your red floor jack for almost 15 years and love it; reliable. unf...

  20. Powerbuilt triple jackPowerbuilt triple jack [Article]
    Question: I just got my triple jack delivered today. It goes only about half way up and then starts to slowly go down. Whats the deal with this thing? Its brand new! Answer:

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