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  1. where is the oil fill hole on an Alltrade floor jackwhere is the oil fill hole on an Alltrade floor jack [Article]
    Question: Jack is working fine. Just want to check the oil level. There is a slot screw on the flat section behind the handle , below it is another threaded screw inside the hole. Also on th

  2. Power Built JackPower Built Jack [Article]
    Question: Hello, I purchased a 2 ton Powerbuilt Jack recently from Amazon. The Jack is good, however I received 2 lower handles that cannot be put together straight out of the box. How can I

  3. All trade floor jack model# 689-J-214-caAll trade floor jack model# 689-J-214-ca [Article]
    Question: Hello Carl, I have a alltrade floor jack # 689-j-214-ca where is the oil refill hole? ...

  4. powerbuilt 1500 motorcycle liftpowerbuilt 1500 motorcycle lift [Article]
    Question: I can't seem to locate the manual for the motorcycle jack and can't remember how to use it correctly. Any place to purchase or download the manual? Thanks for any help. Ans

  5. how do I bleed/filll hydro oil in my jack?how do I bleed/filll hydro oil in my jack? [Article]
    Question: #480578 Hi, I got a 2 ton trolley hydraulic jack, but I cannot seem to find the oil fill plug (screw) on the pump cylinder like most hydraulic jacks. I'm not sure if I need to o

  6. AllTrade Aluminum Floor Jack Model480578AllTrade Aluminum Floor Jack Model480578 [Article]
    Question: I have this lightly used floor jack that has ceased to lift. It is leaking some oil aro...

  7. 2-ton Floor Jack #851451 - Leaked Oil2-ton Floor Jack #851451 - Leaked Oil [Article]
    Question: I just discovered that my Alltrade #851451 2-ton Floor Jack leaked some oil while in storage. It was not a whole lot but I know I won't be confident to use it on my car. Obvious

  8. Alltrade Professional floor jackAlltrade Professional floor jack [Article]
    ...de Professional Floor Jacks? if so I have a 3 ton floor jack where the paper label has fallen off. H...

  9. jack wont lift model 480578 jack wont lift model 480578 [Article]
    Question: I tried two bleeding procedures for model 480750 (only ones I could find) and it still won't lift any weight. Without weight it goes up and down. Is this a bleed issue or somethi

  10. Alltrade 2 1/4 ton floor jackAlltrade 2 1/4 ton floor jack [Article]
    Question: Hello, I have an older floor jack, yellow/orange Alltrade. I have lost lift height grad...

  11. Powerbilt jack/jacjstandsPowerbilt jack/jacjstands [Article]
    Question: All built offers two 3 ton jack/jackstands that have a different part # and different pricing. What is the difference in the two? I am looking at buying the better one. These jacks

  12. floor jackfloor jack [Article]
    Question: I have floor jack mod. 550320FH seldom used and it no longer pumps up and holds. it pum...

  13. All trade 2 ton aluminum floor jackAll trade 2 ton aluminum floor jack [Article]
    ...Question: Noticed small amount of oil under the jack. Had NO ideal of where to check oil level. N...w jack handle just raises from about 18"-2' above floor. Before I had full range of pumping

  14. Triple lift jackTriple lift jack [Article]
    Question: I have a 620422 triplelift jack, I have used for a number of general projects, lifting transmission and trasfercase together, jack stand for dirt bikes, small tractors and trailers

  15. air compressor 27 gallonsair compressor 27 gallons [Article]
    ...r compressor trades pro 5hp 27 gallons Answer: Via my email I requested the model number of the jack so I can check the price. If you

  16. JACK 647530 FLUID LEAKJACK 647530 FLUID LEAK [Article]
    ...ners manual for a Powerbuilt model 647530 3.5 ton floor jack . I would also like to know the price a...

  17. 3 ton all in one lift  jack3 ton all in one lift jack [Article]
    Question: l can't lower the jack, which lever should l push to unlock , l loseened the release button nothing happens Answer: Before I can answer correctly, I need the model

  18. Jack OilJack Oil [Article]
    Question: I purchased a model # 620479 and it came with very little jack oil. So little that it takes a while for the ram to lift. Can Alltrade send my some oil to put in this jack. This sho

  19. CrewLine Lift Model #480559 Part NeededCrewLine Lift Model #480559 Part Needed [Article]
    Question: Hi, I have the Crewline Garage Jack Model 480559. The connector (flex coupler??) that connects the Power Unit Assembly (#24 on parts list) to the Handle or Handle Base (#17 on pa

  20. Pneumatic UnijackPneumatic Unijack [Article]
    Question: Do you make a pneumatic version of your Unijack? Or can the hydraulic one be actuated with air? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking,

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