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  1. air compressor parts for 830210 air compressor parts for 830210 [Article]
    Question: I have a 830210 2hp 4 gallon trades pro air compressor. The regulator valve broke and i n...alve broke and i need to replace it. where can i find the parts? Answer: This was answe

  2. air compressorair compressor [Article]
    Question: Why does my air compressor shut off when it reaches 10 psi. is there a regulator on the Powerbuilt Hot rod 5 gallon air compressor model 647376 and where is it Answer:

  3. battery pack compatabilitybattery pack compatability [Article]
    ...ery pack can be used to substitute for the discontinued Kawaski 21.6 v battery pack for power tools?...e the 19.2? Do I need a different charger? thank you

  4. Snap On  691679/870552 Pressure Washer partSnap On 691679/870552 Pressure Washer part [Article]
    ...: The wand on my Snapon pressure washer must not have been locked in place the last time I used it ...

  5. BrokeBroke [Article]
    Question: I was using my Powerbuilt 5mm socket when it split. How ...ilt 5mm socket when it split. How do I get a replacement? Thanks Ca... Answer: Via my email I advised you to call customer service. &nb...

  6. replacement wheelsreplacement wheels [Article]
    Question: my customer has the 870113 18" rolling tool bag & needs to replace the wheels. How d...

  7. oscillating tool 691695oscillating tool 691695 [Article]
    Question: need to replace for the oscillating tool 691695 1. angled cutter blade 2. hex bolt 3. fl...lange how to find them or buy them waiting for your fast answer Marcelo Scher

  8. Snap-on 1750 psi electric pressure washer - will not startSnap-on 1750 psi electric pressure washer - will not start [Article]
    ...utlet is good, GFI appears good. No response when turn on unit switch. Recommended next steps? I am in Canada. Answer: Via my e

  9. Kawasaki #691314 air impact wrenchKawasaki #691314 air impact wrench [Article]
    Quetion: Hello, I have a Kawasaki #691314 air impact wrench which is part of a Kawasaki pneumatic air tool set from Home Depot. I went to use the impact wrench and noticed allot of air is

  10. Chisel set fit for Mastergrip air hammer model 690394Chisel set fit for Mastergrip air hammer model 690394 [Article]
    ...ase a chisel set from AllTRADE that is compatible with the MasterGrip Air Hammer Model 690394. Can you tell me if the shank is the same type and size. I can provid

  11. ball joint presball joint pres [Article]
    Question: i bought my ball joint press at advance auto and the part that has the threads on it br... i could get a replacement . I lost my receipt if you could help me i w

  12. Drill batteryDrill battery [Article]
    ... battery can I buy for a Drill #691234? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  13. Jack handleJack handle [Article]
    Question: I'm looking for a replacement jack handle for a crew line 1500 lb motorcycle lift. Where can I get one? Thanks Tom Answer: This was answered via my email. I h

  14. Drill vatteryDrill vattery [Article]
    Question: Hi, Will a 840045 Battery fit on my drill that uses a 691235? If not can I swap the battery packs between the two? Answer: This was answered via my email. T

  15. Kawasaki Band Saw "Tires"Kawasaki Band Saw "Tires" [Article]
    Question: I need a new set of tires (rubber bands which fit around the bad saw wheels to drive the tooth blade) for my Kawasaki 9" Band Saw (table top type) #840254. Serial no. 2000556 017

  16. 604753 powerbuilt motorcycle jack604753 powerbuilt motorcycle jack [Article]
    Question: wont jack up...do you have a trouble shoot guide jack ...

  17. how to bleed jacl model 480995how to bleed jacl model 480995 [Article]
    Question: have 2 flat head screws and 1 allen screw Answer: ...and 1 allen screw Answer: Did you receive the information I sen...

  18. 6 Ton Ton Unijack Hydraulic Jackstand6 Ton Ton Unijack Hydraulic Jackstand [Article]
    Question: I like the 620471 3 Ton Unijack Hydraulic Jackstand but I need a heavier duty unit for my 12,000 LB front end of my semi truck. Answer: This was answered via my ema

  19. Manual for Brute Force Model #:  841844S Manual for Brute Force Model #:  841844S [Article]
    ...l for the Kawasaki Brute Force Model #: 841844S. Answer: The manual was sent via my email. If you didn't receive it please let m

  20. 2 Ton Floor Jack2 Ton Floor Jack [Article]
    ...78 s/n FH 04090985 Feel I need more hydraulic fluid as jack only raises half way and stops. Where do I fill as there are several screw plugs. What weight of

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